It’s so important to have an online presence. It helps you to stay in touch with your Audience and know their needs. You can gain popularity using it. Also, you can market your product or services there.

Instagram is the platform with a more active audience and an opportunity to reach your Audience. So many people use it for marketing their product over there. With features, it works wonders.

IGTV is such a feature of Instagram that you can use to increase awareness of your brand. But first, you need to know about it.

So, let’s discuss IGTV.

What is IGTV? 

IGTV stands for Instagram TV; it allows users to share long-form videos to show their product and services. You can create high-quality long videos with over a billion Instagram users.

Video marketing has gained a lot of attention. Companies create more exciting videos, not only that users also prefer to watch video content.

When it launched, people didn’t know about it. But as Instagram starts investing in its features and tools, it is getting popular among the users. They start using it. You can use it from the Instagram app or the IGTV app.

It’s an incredible and powerful addition to social media advertising platforms.

It’s an excellent opportunity for brands and influencers to promote relevant services and products using video as a medium.

On IGTV, you post your content in video format.

This is all about IGTV. But let’s talk about why we need to use IGTV to kick start our 2021 marketing strategy.

Now you know very much about IGTV. Let’s talk about why you must use it.

1-To reach your Audience:

Audiences are attracted more to video-based content rather than unique pictures of your product or piece of writing. So to get audience attention, you must use IGTV. This is the only way you can reach a larger audience. To create high quality and engaging video-based content. This will help you to promote your business

2-It is the easiest way to showcase your products and services:

Make fair use of IGTV to sell your products and services.

You can use the power of this platform to:

  • Introduce your business to your targeted Audience
  • Promote your products and services
  • Explain your product to your Audience
  • Let your Audience know about your deals and offers.
  • Create how-to videos
  • Build a community of users.

3-It offers more room for creativity:

IGTV is specially designed to support long-form videos – something other platforms cannot do. On IGTV, regular users can create videos up to 10 minutes in length, while verified users can host videos about an hour in length. This gives businesses more space for creativity and provides more opportunities for engagement and conversion. Additionally, you can include clickable links in your IGTV videos to direct your Instagram followers to your landing pages to boost your web traffic and sales.

Above are the main reasons why you want to use IGTV. But now, let me tell you about the steps you have to take Kickstart your IGTV journey. It’s quite a simple and easy step.

Steps you have to take to Kickstart your IGTV journey

  •   Create your channel:If you want to use IGTV, what you have to do is download the app. When downloading is done, you’ll find an option to create your channel after opening settings.
  •   Shoot video:After you make a channel, the next step is to shoot the video. Before posting, you need to record videos.
  •   Edit video content:After you stop shooting, edit your video. Make sure it’s in portrait orientation. If it’s in the landscape, then it’s not displayed correctly. Add title, description and hashtags.
  •   Use metrics:Keep checking insights; this will help you know that your content is helpful for your users. Do they like it? This will help you to come up with content that increases your engagement.

Wrapping up:

Here is a quick summary of why you need to use IGTV and the steps you want to take to start using it:

  • To reach your Audience
  • It is the easiest way to showcase your product and services.
  • It offers more room for creativity.

Steps you want to take

  • Create your content
  • Shoot video
  • Edit video content
  • Use metrics