What You Can Do To Stop Spam Calls

What You Can Do To Stop Spam Calls

No one loves spam calls, but avoiding them is nearly impossible. The good thing is there are steps you can take to fight these spam calls so that they stop wasting your time.


One thing you can do to avoid these types of calls is to block them. This only works if you’ve been noticing the same spam caller. Sometimes, spam calls come from different numbers, so blocking those numbers can get a little tricky.

Still, this is a good way to stop a chunk of these unwanted calls. Your smartphone will have a way to block these numbers. You can look through your phone’s manual to find instructions to do this right. Each phone is going to have different instructions, so make sure you read it thoroughly.


You could also use a phone validator to avoid these calls. A good validator checks each call that comes in to make sure it’s coming from a real phone number. The validator makes sure this number can be called and texted.

Spam callers use numbers that can’t be reached the way you could a regular number. Once everything is verified, you can feel more confident that the call isn’t spam but an actual number. If you’ve been having a spam call problem, this is a service that you want to invest in.

No Unknowns

Spammers sometimes use numbers that a phone can’t discern. When this happens, you get that message telling you the number is unknown. You know it’s not someone on your phone list, but you also can’t be sure it’s not a real caller.

It’s hard to ignore these calls because you don’t know who’s calling. Still, if you’ve noticed that most of the time these calls are from spammers, you can do the next best thing and block them entirely. Yes, smartphones have a feature that allows you to silence all of these types of calls and give you back your peace.

Provider Help

Sometimes, your provider is going to have a solution for you. These solutions aren’t always free, but they also don’t cost too much. Usually, you only have to pay a small monthly fee though some providers offer the service free. You’ll want to find out what your provider offers so that you know what you have to pay.

The providers use their technology to make sure the calls coming in are from legitimate callers. All calls they know for sure are spam calls you won’t be bothered with. Spammers may still find a way to get through, and if that happens, you have the power to report these numbers so that the phone company can add the number to the spam list.

Do Not Call List

You can join the government’s do not call list by visiting donotcall.gov. This isn’t perfect, but it does offer some level of success. Spammers don’t always respect this list, but some will and that’s good enough. The good thing about being on this list is that you can report spam callers whenever they call you.

Once the number is reported, the government can take steps to deal with these annoying calls. Signing up for this list is easy, and it won’t cost you a dime, which is another plus. This works for landlines and regular smartphone numbers, so don’t hesitate to register.

You’ve got many tools to help you avoid these types of calls now. Keep in mind that you can combine these solutions so that you can get rid of these calls as quickly as possible.


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