Nicolas the puppy was more than a week old when his mother ate 3 of his brothers and sisters and chewed one of his paws. Nicolas is the smallest of a nest of 8 pit bulls.

Fortunately, Nicolas was taken from his insane mother and he was in good hands. Nicolas was so small and didn't care enough for many injuries. After days of 24/7 care and some special help from the cats from the host family, Nicolas got the chance to recover and turned into a beautiful fur ball.

Nicolas when he was incorporated.

[19659002] Nicholas mother ate three of his brothers and sisters and was eating it when someone saved him.

Unfortunately, she could chew his leg, so he didn't have a good prognosis.

Fortunately, he received a lot of care so that he had the chance to recover.

The cats adopted him as their own.

"I fed him every 3 hours and changed his dressing every day"

The cats also gave their new little friend some affection and carefulness.

Nicolas is now an adult and became a handsome guy.