According to Deborah Calmeyer, the CEO and founder of ultra-luxury Africa travel specialist ROAR AFRICA is a silver lining that emerged from the past year's end of passive, irresponsible travel as it has addresses critical conservation and environmental issues in destinations such as Africa.

"Passive ignorance is finally not an option and now is the time to make the greatest possible impact on the environment," says Calmeyer. “The devastating reality we are now facing is that Africa will not survive without tourism dollars to fund critical conservation programs and campaigns. The existence of precious wildlife and wild spaces is literally at stake.

With this in mind, and as part of its commitment to travel responsibly and sustainably, ROAR AFRICA has become the first travel company to partner with Proof of Impact, an innovative technology company that turns impact data into positive results for community investments. Through this first partnership of its kind, a revolutionary compensation program that restores biodiversity and improves livelihoods will be embedded in all ROAR AFRICA trips from 2021 onwards.

What sets this revolutionary compensation program apart from others is its focus on the entire travel experience. While existing compensation programs focus exclusively on long-haul flights, this groundbreaking approach extends beyond just the flight to Africa to every leg of the journey. This includes internal flights, fuel, plastic used, non-renewable energy used on site, safari vehicles, and even human waste. These activities are not only neutralized, but a portfolio of impact events, verified by Proof of Impact, is created to then fund projects that go beyond offsetting CO2, but actually have a real impact on people's livelihoods and restoration of biodiversity. All of these events funded by ROAR AFRICA are made visible and tracked through an interactive dashboard app that guests can access to track results and even donate in real time. Guests can also physically visit the programs they contribute, allowing them to see their impact firsthand.

“We not only provide a carbon neutral solution to our customers, but also enable them to see, in real time, the significant impact that this funding has on the livelihoods of individuals and communities in Africa. Seeing the effects of climate change and the solar and conservation projects in the communities, they are pushed to help in every possible way ", says Calmeyer." Gone are the days of just buying carbon credits with no proven impact; travelers want and can now connect with the places and communities with which they share experiences through this unique offering, ”she adds.

For example, like ROAR AFRICA, the upcoming environmental projects have selected the upcoming Emirates Executive Jet Safari which will take place in August 2021 and again in 2022 and 2023:

  • Installation of 69 solar panels in local villages in Rwanda
  • Planting of 1,300 trees
  • Access to fresh water for 3,000 people in Kenya
  • Funding to protect a rhinoceros calf through Rhinos Without Borders in Botswana [19659012] “From a quantitative perspective, by collecting and verifying environmental and social data, the carbon footprints and externalities of travel are mapped and measured,” said Fleur Heyns, co-founder of Proof of Impact. “This goes beyond just offsetting by reducing carbon, which is currently doubted having any impact on the planet. Instead, people traveling with ROAR AFRICA can take a virtual impact journey that is not about greenwashing their operations, but about making a real sustainable impact on the place they visit and positively contributing to impact events and causes that matter in those places, "she adds.

    Deborah Calmeyer

    ROAR AFRICA has long been committed to conservation , humanitarian work and economic education and development in Africa. This new direct cause-related initiative is just the latest example of how ROAR AFRICA and its clients are combining their resources to make a profound and powerful difference. “We hope that all of our guests can support these types of projects and initiatives in real time in the communities they visit, ensuring our vision of not only enabling, but enabling responsible travel. things in ways never thought of before, ”says Calmeyer.