Instagram has skyrocketed its popularity and hence has become a platform for many brands, as it helps them expand their businesses, with its great marketing tools. Well, if you want to get more leads, increase the traffic, endorse the brands or engage a great audience, then, have to stick to this article. 


We have listed the top 10 Instagram marketing tips which would help you grow your business. 

#1. Create a Business Account

You can’t make the most of Instagram without creating business accounts as some of the accounts are reserved for business users only. And if you’re new to Instagram, don’t fret! You can easily get access to that by creating an account on Instagram with your email ID, username and password. Then switching to the business account to navigate through, following the further instructions.

#2. Get To Know Your Audience

Instagram has got more than 1 billion active users, which can easily help you target the audiences. It’s very important to understand the audiences and to know how they use Instagram and what they are demanding. Target audience demographic works well especially if it’s aligned with your content strategy, as it’ll help you create more optimised ads.

#3. Observe Your Competitors

You can definitely check out your competitor’s page to get a few insights about their strategies, which other successful marketers of your niche use to make it to their advantages. You can observe their number of followers, what kind of posts help them generate audience engagement, how often they do questionnaires, be live on IGTV and so on. They definitely give you a glimpse of their marketing strategy to target audiences and sponsors. If you aren’t aware of your competitors, then search keywords related to your business, to find some similar accounts. The main intent behind identifying your competitors is observing their marketing strategy and how they go in resonating with their audiences. It’ll help you modify your strategy, and will help in better audience engagement. 

#4. Build Your Profile

An impressive profile will compel the audiences to follow you. You can do so by mentioning your website, bio, contact details and you can also include a CTA to let users follow your business account. It helps you enhance your brand profile, thereby attracting more followers and brands. 

#5. Use Interesting Captions

People do follow you based on your feed and visuals, but fascinating captions will bring more users to your profile as it’d reflect your brand image. You can extend the characters based on your post and can be witty or emotional, but remember that it must be relevant to your post, to keep the audiences engaged. 

#6. Use Correct Hashtags


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You can use up to 30 hashtags in your post, but try extending up to 9-10 characters, as it’d be safer. Hashtags help the audiences discover your post, so using the right one is essential. Using the right hashtag is an art as you’ve to consider a few factors while selecting it, it must be relevant, and must not be overly niche. It’s a great marketing tool to create your own brand-specific hashtag, as it’d boost your followers and would keep them intact.

#7. Keep Your Audiences Engaged

Now, to keep your audiences engaged with your content, it’s important to engage with them as well, as it’d help you know your audiences better. If someone comments in your post, ask a follow-up question or reply to them if they’ve tagged you in the post or had used a brand-specific hashtag.

#8. Highlight Your Instagram Stories

Stories disappear after 24 hours so it’s important to add them in your highlights so that they remain indefinitely on your profile. It’s always below your profile, so it’s important to make them appealing, where you can use your highlights to answer some frequently asked questions or tell an important update. 

#9. Partner With an Influencer

Half of Instagrammers purchase a product because of the recommendation by an influencer. Before going with an influencer, it’s important to know your audience, what kind of influencer they like, who you’re wishing to target, whether you want to go with a Micro-Influencer or Mega -influencer. The more followers an influencer has, the more they’re going to charge you. It’s important to do your own research for preparing a marketing strategy.

#10. Be Consistent

Consistency is important to sustain the business. The more you engage with your audiences by posting often, running an ad, going live, doing questionnaires, the more you’d build an audience.

The Takeaway

These easy marketing tools will help you get more audiences, build a profile, and attract brands. It’s time to transform your audiences into loyal customers. Happy Instagramming!


What kind of business are you trying to promote on Instagram and what marketing strategies do you use? Tell us in the comments section below!