Summer offers a lot of exciting water sports and places to relax, but the fall and winter season can also be charming if you know where to go. Snowmobiling, heli-skiing, ice climbing, regular skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and ice climbing are just some of the options that winter and snow can offer you.

In combination with luxury chalets and gourmet cuisine, the winter vacation will compete with your unforgettable moments next to the beach. Keeping in mind that the day lasts less and the cold makes it difficult to stay out until late, the winter experience is more about being physical and doing things with your body. All of the activities listed above will boost your adrenaline levels and boost your heart rate.

Here we have some suggestions on the world's most luxurious winter sports destinations to spend your winter vacations, whether traveling alone or with family and friends.

  1. Bighorn Revelstoke, Canada
    Canada's Bighorn Revelstoke is definitely one of the most elite places to visit for those who love the snow. Coming from the nearest airport at Kelowna in British Columbia in Canada you can enjoy the private chalet with a maximum capacity of 16 people.

    Heli-skiing is always an option here if you're attracted to helicopters. Prices during peak season can exceed $ 10,000 per night. Chefs and housekeepers are included. However, using a helicopter is not. Activities you can find at this beautiful resort include a private cinema, outdoor hot tub, gym, sauna and more.

  2. Yellowstone Club, USA
    If you are staying in the United States, we would rather recommend Yellowstone Club. The nearest airport is Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport in Montana. It is a ski and golf resort in a private residential club in Madison. It offers cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling and fly fishing, among others. Of course, spa treatments and indoor activities are included. The ski slopes are mainly on Pioneer Mountain and the resort is located on 250,000 acres in Gallatin National Forest. The western part has an average of 143 centimeters of snow and the snow powder on the grounds is always soft and fresh.
  3. Dunton Hot Springs, USA
    Durango Airport in Colorado, close to Telluride, is the closest airport to approach. The place has a fascinating history as it used to be a mining town before it was abandoned. Now this place can all be booked to host your big events. The total capacity does not exceed 42 guests. The hot springs are rich in calcium bicarbonate and the snowfall offers a beautiful spectacle in combination with the presence of the hot springs. Here you can go ice climbing while heli-skiing is still an option.
  4. Niseko, Japan
    If you happen to be in Japan, the best offer is Niseko. Niseko Village, Annapuri, Hanazono and Hirafu are the main resorts in the area. If you land in the New Chitose in Hokkaido, Japan, we recommend that you go to the Capella Club Residences. All of their hotels are designed by world-renowned architects, and in recent years they have created a number of beautiful resorts around the world. This place is family friendly and is recommended as a high gastronomic center in addition to a ski resort. The Kamimura restaurant is famous and its cuisine clearly has more to offer than a typical American dish.
  5. Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
    You can get here as you approach the Whistler (Muni) heliport, the Green Lake Waterdrome (YWS), or Pemberton Airport. The reason why we recommend this place because it is one of the few places where you can enjoy and learn the safest in world class facilities, the tobogganing. Luge, for those unfamiliar with the word, is a sport where you lie down on a sled with your chest facing the ground and only wear your shoes, helmet and tight suit to protect your body. In this position, you will go on an ice-winding tube at a speed that feels like 200 miles per hour. Depending on how experienced and brave you are, you can try going with your head or feet first.
  6. Therme Vals, Switzerland
    What would winter be like if you didn't visit Switzerland at least once? The best way to go is via Zurich Airport, which always gives you the chance to make a short stop in Switzerland's largest city for flavorful chocolate dishes and fine wines. There are hot and cold baths with temperatures between 57 and 108 Fahrenheit, and the waters of Vals are said to be curative because of the calcium sulfate and hydrogen carbonate they contain. After relaxing at the facilities you can spend the night in the hotel. Of course there is always the option of Jochtal resort, which is ideal for skiing.

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