Picture the scene. A friendly host escorts you to your sea cabin with panoramic views, put away your belongings and then go off to explore the ship and what it has to offer. As you walk around, crew members greet you with big smiles and by name – how is that possible? You take a trip to the five-star bar, grab a cocktail and relax on the sun-drenched deck by the pool. Sounds like heaven, but this scene is a common reality for many people who travel of the most impressive cruise ships in the world.

What Makes an Impressive Cruise Ship?

The most outstanding cruise vessels is a subjective topic. What makes one cruise ship better than another one is open for interpretation and discussion. Nevertheless, many people get excited about big ones that cater to lots of people without causing them to feel overcrowded. Not to forget about what entertainment is on board, from swimming pools, divine restaurant and even evening entertainment. Moreover, this would include live performances from sought after artists and different kinds of Blackjack tournaments with big cash prices, that draws large crowds, in some of the most opulent settings that would surpass many of the more spectacular casinos in the world.

These are all aspects that are considered when picking the most impressive cruise liners right now – but it is certainly not the crucial list for everyone. Others may choose to look at the ship’s architecture, weight and even mechanical features.

3 of the Most Impressive Cruise Ships in the World

  1. Crystal Serenity

Crystal Serenity is a work of art that caters to 1,000 and more VIPs. The usual clientele on this vessel is a combination of professional sports athletes, high-profile politicians, academics and even astronauts. With such an esteemed group of travellers, there is no surprise in the stellar catering facilities on board, including two fantastic restaurants.

  1. The Seven Seas Explorer

Seven Seas Explorer is an outstanding vessel that includes all-inclusive catering and some of the largest balconies for those staying in baloney suites, some up to 995 square feet. This beauty is made with lots of marble and boasts over 500 crystal chandeliers and 2,500 paintings, including a Picasso masterpiece. The vessel can cater to 6750 passengers in one voyage – but don’t expect to struggle to get good service. The ship also houses up to 550 staff members.

  1. Seaborne Encore

The Seaborne Encore is a picturesque vessel with lots of hallmarks of luxury. The aspect of this ship that blows others out of the water is the on-site spa and wellness complex. And once you are refreshed, you will be able to enjoy dishes cooked up by celebrity chef, Thomas Keller. Suites onboard range in size between 300 square metres up to 1,300 square metres – but all come with beautiful balconies.

Other Impressive Cruise Ships

Along with these three ships, you should also hear about the Silver Muse and its famous English butlers and the intimate SeaDream II with the potential to go on glass-bottom kayaks.