It seems that China is the most popular news topic in the world today and for the wrong reasons. Not only does the country deserve criticism from several nations for its failed treatment of the coronavirus situation, it seems to be making a profit. China is busy today providing the world with PPE kits, COVID 19 test kits and the like. But the main problem that contributes to China's infamous reputation is the quality of goods considered waste and defect. After all, that's what you get with the Made in China tag. Now it's Britain's turn to be cheated on, saying they receive 16 million worth of test kits that don't even work.

1 Britain paid $ 16 million for faulty test kits from China

Yes! You heard right! Britain paid China $ 16 million pounds for COVID19 test kits from two different Chinese companies, but now the tests have proved inaccurate. The UK is now trying to get their money back, even though antibody testing is underway in the country.

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2 Coronavirus cases in Britain have increased

It's funny how countries as intelligent as the UK never learn when it comes to Chinese goods and that something as sensitive as Coronavirus test kits that the country desperately needs at the moment. The coronavirus curve does not seem to come close to flattening, as Britain reported a staggering 5,599 new cases today, second behind the US and a total of 847 new deaths, bringing the total to 108,692 cases in the country with a death toll of 14,756.

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3 The amount of $ 16 million was paid to two Chinese companies

The British government paid two Chinese companies the amount of $ 20 million for two million coronavirus antibodies tests. Like other countries around the world, the UK is still trying to look for a mass-production test that can show whether a person has had the disease and whether they are immune to it or not.

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