She was one of the most beloved and respected members of the British Royal Family. Her activism and glamor made her an international icon and earned her continued popularity, as well as an unprecedented amount of public control. Her sense of fashion still lives on in a new generation of princesses inspired by her.

These are the moments when Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were inspired by Princess Diana's fashion style for events and occasions.

1 The Style Icon

She is often considered one of the best dressed women in history. What really set Diana apart from the rest of the royal family was her ability to communicate through her clothes. Diana developed a very glamorous royal style for foreign travel. She also knew very well how clothes could shape her public image and she always wore herself with style and grace.

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2 Dots

This dress was first worn by Princess Diana in 1985 and she looked fantastic. She wore it for a photo at home in Kensington Palace. Kate did something similar in 2019 when she attended the D-Day exhibition at Bletchley Park. Both women looked beautiful in their dresses.

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3 In Red

This was Kate & # 39; s way of paying tribute to Princess Diana when she first went to Newborn Prince Louis in 2018. stepped outside. This was very similar when Princess Diana went out with Prince Harry in 1984. Both photos were taken in the same hospital.

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4 Beautiful in Blue

Princess Diana was known for her colors and never wore many dull colors. Kate Middleton tried to embody this fashion style with a perfectly fitting blue suit. Princess Diana wore hers at V-E Day parties in 1995 and Kate wore hers on her first solo trip to the Netherlands.

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5 Magenta Coats

Princess Diana would never shy away from bright colors and this was seen in Duchess Kate. They both know they wear magenta coats. Princess Diana first wore it during her visit to Vienna in 1986. Kate wore hers during her appearance at Coventry Cathedral in 2018.

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