Slot game developers are always trying to come up with ways to make their titles appeal to the emerging gambling markets. When that emerging market is young people who grew up with sophisticated gaming consoles and smartphones, they know they are up against it. But, the slot gaming scene has been reinvigorated with better visuals, bigger jackpots and even narratives within some online casino games.

Another way that developers have made slot machines stay interesting is by creating a Megaways version. Here we discuss what these games are, how they work and what might be next for the online gaming world.

What Are Megaways Slots?

Megaways games are a specific type of slot where players achieve winning combinations in a different way to the norm. Most slot machines have paylines that move from left to right across the reels in a perfectly straight line. However, Megaways paylines are not so rigid. Players who use this unique version can win cash prizes by getting paylines from left to right across the reels without the matching symbols being in a straight line or even near one another. This means there are thousands more paylines that can be achieved depending on the number of symbols on each reel and the number of reels. In fact, the maximum number of paylines here is a whopping 117,649.

Although Australian developer, Big Time Gaming designed these titles, other developers have jumped aboard and also started creating Megaways slot machines. Casino fans can easily find a growing list of Megaways games and guides on how to play and enjoy the action.

The Pros and Cons of Megaways

The most apparent benefit is that they increase the number of paylines within the game, and therefore increase the level of excitement. It is often the case that the winning payline is revealed to you before you even notice it yourself.

But along with these benefits, there are some drawbacks, which is why the standard payline games are still popular today. One of them is that the top jackpots are usually smaller, so even if you win more frequently, that doesn’t mean you will win bigger compared to other slot machines. Other drawbacks include the limited number of titles available in comparison to regular version – and somewhat confusing gameplay which may put some players off.

What Will Be the Next Casino Innovation?

The casino is filling up with smart innovations such as Megaways games, live dealer   offerings and hopefully virtual reality casinos are not too far away. But many of the best innovations are enhancing our gaming experience (i.e. the most essential part of the casino). Although the classic casino suite will never be wheeled out of the fire exit, we are demanding and slowly being given new types of casino propositions, such as live variations of board games. One example is Monopoly Live which was awarded Gaming Intelligence’s Game Of The Year 2020.