According to some, the economic landscape is expected to change a lot over the next thirty years. The material world will not be overestimated, and other luxuries will take their place on the checklist of wealthy people. When you think about it, the planet cannot afford to host extravagances that increase its carbon footprint and temperature worldwide. Activists from all economic classes are protesting and celebrities play a vital role in public opinion, and politicians want to see a turnaround in the economy. A whole movement has emerged about protecting the Earth's environment, and wealthy people are often the leaders of innovative perspectives. The beauty industry appears to be oversaturated and other ways of spending seem to be taking the place of what was once considered unique. Wealthy people always had the option of making different choices from the rest of the people, and here is a list of the services they pay a fortune for.

  1. Kidnapping Insurance
    Safety comes first! This is actually a serious one. Billionaires can enjoy life from many perspectives, but various dangers also threaten them.

    The lack of food or the provision of the family may never be a problem for them, but this does not mean that they need not worry anymore. They actually have a lot of enemies and people who benefit greatly when something happens to them. The service they pay for is a perfectly trained rescue team in case the emergency occurs. They also pay for all kinds of insurance. They have all their precious possessions, including art insurance, as they attract all types of professional burglars and criminals. They also have life and kidnapping insurance for their loved ones, such as their children and immediate family. There are even those who build doom-proof underground houses under their real houses to protect themselves from attack. No one can blame them for what's going on out there.

  2. Tickets to Space
    It wasn't long ago that the ability to travel by plane was incredible. Just think of the first plane that carried passengers and how strange that used to seem. Would anyone imagine the same thing will happen for space travel?

    We will not bother you with how much these tickets cost, because even if you are thinking about buying them, money is probably not an issue for you. However, we want to focus on what spending money on this means. Vain as it may sound to some people, these tickets are in fact research. They represent the vast team of brilliant scientists who must work on the field to change the conquest of the universe from wild imagination to future reality. At one point, properties were even sold on the moon. However, dollars spent on science are never a loss of money.

  3. Self-Improvement
    The self-improvement industry is growing rapidly and is addressing a wider audience. It started with the psychological health section, including psychiatrists and psychologists, and has now expanded into many aspects. Yoga, hypnotherapy and "how" courses are selling like crazy.

    They have dominated the ads on the net, and the discussion that is going on about that reflects the amount of profit we are talking about. A lot of people who come out as tutors are quite serious, but the fear of fraud is very common in this playground. This is because of the interaction of cultures around the world, people's real need to see themselves thrive. Let us not forget that this is a need fulfilled in previous years by religion and its representatives. Things have changed, and so have people's habits. Once again, the depreciation of the materialistic world has also played an important role in this.

  4. Education
    Education is indeed part of the fundamentals. It is considered more of an investment than a service. It makes sense that the salary you get when you apply depends on the university you graduated from, whether you have an MSc degree or a Ph.D. have. and what is the level of education that you have received from your professors.

    No one will ever cut back the money they spend on college or choose a private school with economic criteria. It's a traditional tactic and shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The truth is, in the capitalist world, you get what you pay for, and having a degree from a university like Harvard is like having an asset up your sleeve. It's an investment that never loses value and is relatively smart no matter what career your child is pursuing.

Written by Anna Siampani .