The summer is a perfect time to get outdoors with the family and enjoy some time together as well as some fresh air. Even if you don’t have a backyard to use, there are still plenty of games you can all enjoy together outdoors. These activities allow families to spend quality time together while also keeping any children entertained.

It makes no difference how old you are. If you have the space, try one or two of the outdoor games on this list. These will come in handy at birthday celebrations, outdoor barbecues with friends, and any day when the sun is shining. Don’t forget to put some sunscreen on if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. If you prefer to play games inside, you can use a site like to find the best deals and offers.

Giant Jenga

Jenga is a classic indoor game where you stack wooden blocks on top of one another before players take it in turns, trying to remove the blocks one at a time. If you’ve never played the standard version of the game before, you’re missing out! However, there’s now a new version you can play, and it’s perfect for playing with family outdoors. Giant Jenga is more or less the same game. Only it’s played with giant blocks. The height beings at 26 inches and can stretch all the way up to five feet tall. You can take the blocks with you to your backyard or local park and enjoy the game with all your family for some exciting chaos. 

Rubber Horseshoes

The classic game of horseshoes was played for centuries on farms and homes across the country, but its popularity has waned a little over the years due to horses being a lot less common. The idea behind the game is simple. Players take turns to throw their horseshoe onto a stake in the ground. While the game was fun, throwing heavy horseshoes around was a recipe for disaster, especially with kids involved. The modern version of the game uses rubber horseshoes, which are certainly a lot safer as well as being easier to throw. To play, all you need to do is set up the pole and take turns throwing the horseshoes. Players earn points for landing on the pole, and you can change the distance to make it easier or harder.

Bocce Ball/Bowls

Bocce ball, sometimes known as bowls or lawn bowls, is one of the most popular games to play in a garden or public space. The game is really easy to play, and it’s great for all ages and playing with the family. You can get a bocce ball set with a carrying case and play the game on your own lawn, a beach, or a park. You’ll need to set up two teams, each of which can each have between one and four players. You can play the game on any flat piece of grass or sand and take turns rolling the balls towards the target. There are eight balls, and players earn points depending on how close they get. 


Tetherball is an absolute blast to play, and it’s no surprise that it’s become so popular with so many people across the country. You don’t need much equipment to play, just the tetherball itself, which needs to be weighed down with sand or water in the base. Once you set it up, it’s surprisingly sturdy and can be used by two people to play as they try and hit the ball to their opponent.