“Nobody can teach you the art and craft of teaching. Teaching is a passion that comes from within.” —Professor M.S. Rao  

On November 16, 2020, I delivered a guest lecture to MBA students of an eminent business school in India. In the Q&A session, one of the questions was asked about the qualities essential for educators to inspire students. The list is lengthy. Here are some qualities the educators must have to become successful. Educators must be ethical.

They must lead by example. They must inspire their students with their character and commitment. They must convert information into knowledge and share it with students with their anecdotes, examples, and illustrations. They must learn, unlearn, and relearn constantly. They must show the location of fish rather than teaching the art of catching the fish to their students because the present generation of students is smart enough to learn the art and craft of catching the fish.

  1. Improve the Mindset of Students
    Currently, students are much smarter and brilliant than teachers because of technology and access to information from the internet. Therefore, teachers must research regularly and innovate their teaching and training methodologies as per the changing times and technologies especially in the post-coronavirus world to stay relevant and competent globally. Additionally, educators must emphasize changing the mindset of the students apart from sharing their knowledge.
    Educators must embrace change. They must appreciate the fact that the only thing constant in this world is change. They must change before they are forced to change. They must understand that what works now may not work in the future due to artificial intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
    Research shows that most Nobel Laureates are successful because they were guided by their teachers in their career at the initial stage. So, teachers must identify the hidden talents in their students and enlighten them to pursue proper careers. It helps students, in the long run, to be successful and stand out from others.
  2. Teachers are Gemologists and Students are Gems
    “Students must love learning, teachers must love teaching, and parents must love nurturing to groom students as global leaders.” ―Professor M.S. Rao
    Teachers are gemologists with unique expertise, mindset, toolset, and skillset. They are blessed with a unique ability to identify the gems. They must identify the passions and talents of students to guide them in specific careers and groom them as global leaders. They must ensure that the career ladder of the students is leaning on the right side of the wall. To go further, they must serve as ladders for their students.
    Passionate teachers are life-long learners and don’t hesitate to learn even from their students. To conclude, passionate teachers, are gemologists who can identify gems in students, transform them, and groom them as global leaders.

“If someone asks me a question, ‘What is it you see when you look out the window that is visible but not yet seen by others’ I will answer, ‘I see a world filled with people with a huge potential lying untapped. If I can identify their strengths and inspire them to unlock their potential, I feel that I have made a difference in the world.’” —Professor M.S. Rao