Contact lenses are great for those who need extra power to see the world. There are no frames to wear on your face, they move with your eyes, they are easy to use and most importantly they don't fog up. They are also great for people who travel or exercise as they rest right on your eyes. Currently, the whole world tends to contact lenses over ordinary glasses, but most people are unaware of the risks associated with wearing or using them.

1 The Shocking Story

When a 67-year-old woman entered Solihull Hospital in the UK for routine cataract surgery, she did not expect to receive the following news. At the beginning of the operation, the surgeons discovered that she has 27 contact lenses in her right eye. This caused her eye-related discomfort.

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2 How Did It Happen

This all started when a 67-year-old woman entered the hospital calmingly feeling severe discomfort in one eye. After performing the routine eye tests, they found a mass in her eye that was causing her problems. She was then scheduled for cataract surgery hoping it would help clear the obstruction.

Surgeons remove 27 contact lenses from the woman's eye

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3 The woman had no visual problems

According to Rupal Morjaria, who was a specialist ophthalmic intern during this incident in the hospital, had no complaints about vision and vision loss. All she had was discomfort in one eye. Normally this would be chalked until her old age and she would get some drops to use.

Surgeons remove 27 contact lenses from woman's eye during cataract surgery

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During surgery

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5 What did he see?

Before the surgery could start, he put a speculum in her eye. This keeps her eye open so he can easily administer the anesthetic. Here he saw a blue mass under the upper eyelid. He had to stop what he was doing to investigate this strange find in the future.

Surgeons remove 27 contact lenses from woman's eye

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6 What was it?

A closer inspection revealed that the mass was a mass of not one or two but 17 contact lenses. This was one of the most shocking discoveries ever made in the hospital. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that there were still 10 contact lenses.

17 contact lenses

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7 The cases are not shocking, but the number is

This is not the first time something like this happened in the world of medical science. But this is the first time that a case of this caliber has occurred. None of the doctors and surgeons had ever heard that 27 contact lenses were lost under someone's eye.

Medical Science

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8 The news spread

Dr. Thomas L. Steinemann, clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, said he had never seen a patient with more than two contact lenses in their eyes. The number here was 27, which he said was one for the record books.

The news spread

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9 How could this have happened?

According to the lady, she had been wearing disposable contact lenses for 35 years. She also confessed that she often couldn't find them when she went to remove them. This is how they gathered over her eye. This was worrying news for the doctors and surgeons.

How could this have happened

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10 The left eye was fine

The reason this case made headlines in the first place because of the number of contact lenses in her eye and the second reason was that the other eye was completely fine. According to her, she thought one of her eyes was abnormal, which is why the contact lenses kept falling out.

The left eye was fine

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