The modern manufacturing process has many demands. The production of goods has to be streamlined and advanced ERP systems are more than a handy tool in this procedure. It saves time and money if used properly. Everyone agrees on that.

Still, there is room for improvement concerning the overall performance of your company. This is to be found in the steps that are taken before the production actually starts. Particularly in the sales process, there is a lot to be gained. Or to be lost if you are not careful.

One of the systems that can be utilized effectively in this instance is called CPQ, otherwise known as configure, price and quote. we will talk more about this later on.

Improving pre-sales

In our ever-changing world, technologies elevate every day. The customers’ demands have grown to new dimensions. It is wise to stay ahead of the competition and make sure that you are fully prepared to appeal to your customers and provide them with all the right information, and more.

There is nothing more repelling than errors in the offers that are sent out by the sales department. Wrong pricing and confusing information are the weak links in the entire operation. When faced with more difficult orders, like when you are dealing with very specific tailor-made requests, not having flows in your offers can be crucial to your business.

Especially if your production is emphasized on assembling different components that form the configuration, a form that can differ according to your client’s desire. In such a case utilizing the right tool to configure, price and quote flawlessly are to make use of cpq software.


This enables your company to send out offers that match the expectations of your clients. What used to be a time-consuming operation can literally be done in the blink of an eye. It also offers you peace of mind knowing that the pricing will be done correctly.

Such equipment also makes life easier for the product engineers, because they see themselves facilitated when the additional software autodesk cpq is applied. It provides them with a perfect 3D CAD model that provides convincing and clear models for your customers.

In this way, you make a very clear offer that makes it harder to refuse. It makes life easy for the salesperson; without technological knowledge, a customer request can be met with just a few mouse clicks. Only then, mass customization becomes really workable. 

If this is integrated into your system, then you know that you are prepared for everything. It ensures you that you can deliver what is asked. Not only are you quicker in supplying your offers, but this part of the production channel won’t ever go wrong again.