There are two women presenting their funding request to the same management, so let's listen.

Samantha: So you know this project is really good and we can sell it to the customers and they will really like it. I only needed about $ 50,000 to launch this project. Shall I move forward?

Stacy: With the $ 50,000 investment, you can launch this product in just six months. Can we expect a 15% market share in the first year and generate sales of $ 50,000 at a margin of 25%? Are you sure you are going to confirm the investment?

Can you notice the difference?

All business professionals have their own different ways of speaking, such as the tone of their voice, the words and the way they present the information. To be successful in this, you have to match the style. We will focus on seven simple changes that can help with your speaking style and make you sound like a credible and reliable professional .

How Can You Speak Like a Professional?

If you are thinking about how to speak professionally these are the tips to follow

  • Focus on using short and clear explanatory sentences

short sentences will help you focus on your messages and make it easy for the audience to follow and understand them. Try to avoid the fillers like um, actually, like, and more. These noises distract the audience and make you appear insecure. Concentrate on making the long story short.

  • Concentrate on Speaking in the Active Times

If you are looking forward to knowing the ways how to speak professionally then focus on speaking in the active times. You own your actions and you are solely responsible for them. Professionals always focus on making things happen. The use of passive time describes the things that have happened to you, but active times show how responsible and confident you are.

  • Try to stay calm when under pressure

Don't get nervous. Try to stay calm and focused. If someone asks you a difficult question, think before you answer them. Take your time. If you don't know the answer to the question, promise to find out and answer once the meeting is over.

  • Focus on natural speaking

If you are looking for ways to speak professionally then the best thing you can do is speak naturally. Try to raise and drop your voice according to the content. Use a steady and calm tone.

  • Try to say what you mean

Try to avoid using slang, slang and euphemisms. If you're trying to sell something, talk about selling it. Don't focus on monetizing an item.

  • Try to focus on what's important to the audience.

If you are about to ask for funding, tell them how much you need and what you are going to do with that fund. Also tell them what they will get in return for their investment. When asking about a job, tell them what the role is and why you are the best choice for them.

Try to be specific about the deals. Tell your audience how, where and when you will perform the specific tasks. Tell them the details. Also try to give them specific dates and results.

You can start now

Speaking professionally is completely different from speaking in social conversations. You can try to record yourself and rehearse a presentation or you can also record your side of the telephone conversation you had with your colleague.

Try to listen carefully to the things you have said and where you need them to improve more. You can also enlist the help of your friend; For example, you can tell them what mistakes you made and how often you used fillers.

Try to work on it. You can also write to check your mistakes, as most people write the same way they speak. This will help you improvise. Communication has always been the key to success. You have to keep working on your speaking style. It will make a lot of difference. It will make the public believe in you.

What do you think happened to our two project managers? Did they receive money? Yes, Stacy. The management team gave her the money and also told Samantha to try again if she had better facts to present. If you want to gain recognition and respect as a pro, then focus on sounding like a pro.