China has a habit of not allowing its citizens to express their opinion. It's nothing new and that's why several international social media platforms have been banned in the country, but then there are juicy bits of revealing news, sometimes shocking and some that call into question the government that appears on Chinese social media and then leaks into the world. Now that citizens are tired of [thepandemicofthecoronavirusthatmayhavehaddeadlyconsequencesinChinathanprotestingcitizenscomingoutofthecountryaskingquestionsofthegovernmentaboutsimilarresponses

1 Severe repression against dissenters in China

and the authorities who began to take a hard turn on the government. Grieving family members and activists ask the communist government for answers about the Wuhan accident and what went wrong. How did the coronavirus get so large that thousands died in China and more than a million were infected worldwide?

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2 Text messages about government prosecution

Text messages have surfaced and been sent to activist phones where many had the same request. & # 39; Help me sue the Chinese government. One report said their mother had died of the coronavirus because she had been expelled from hospitals. Another said that their father-in-law had died in quarantine. The messages were sent to an activist Yang Zhanging who revealed that the messages suddenly stopped and it seemed that people changed their minds in late April. After he discovered that two of them had been threatened by the local police.

Text Messages Appear About Government Suing

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3 Lawyers Threatened By Police [

Even lawyers are given warnings to refuse to take action or to file lawsuits against the government. Many survivors have been questioned by police officers who have interacted with others online and discussed the issues of prosecuting the government. Those who have attempted to keep records of the Wuhan outbreak have even mysteriously disappeared.

Lawyers Threatened by Police

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