Some of you, dear readers, will remember the good old days that you were a child, had no responsibilities such as paying for heating, you didn't have to worry about terrible things like climate change, and you could stay away evenings with retro video games . So it's very possible that many of you Panda & # 39; s have a nostalgic love for pixels, just like me.

Do you know what is better than pixels for video games? Pixel cats. When you combine the nostalgia of pixels with the feline grace of cattos, you get something very special and amusing. We've collected some of the best pixel cats we've found in the furthest reaches of the internet. View each cat, vote for the cats you like best and don't forget to share these catto & # 39; s with your friends who love animals or love retro pixels.

When you are done with this list, continue reading our great messages about Dr. Leon, the lawyer cat in Brazil, and about how cats have a bond with their owners, just like dogs or human babies. The interviews and photos in those messages are definitely worth your time.

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