In 2017, two of the cats I raised from kittens had become Guinness World Record Title holders. Arcturus Aldebaran Powers was the tallest cat ever and Cygnus Regulus Powers had the longest tail on a cat ever (all my cats are named after stars). I had designed a diet for them that I thought would be ideal for a feline species. It was very synthetic and by no means natural, but I am completely into science and fact-based things, and I am pretty sure it has made them both giants.

Life was pretty good and we booked TV shows and charity events when I was president of the Ferndale Cat Shelter at the time, and the fame of the cats helped us raise money to save Detroit and help street cats.

On November 12, 2017, my wife (who is also a doctor) left in the morning to go around the hospital. I woke up about an hour later to smoke alarms and my living room on fire. I searched for the cats and opened as many escape paths as possible until I finally fainted with smoke. Finally I reached the basement where I was rescued by first aid workers. The house burned to the foundation and we lost everything, including our beloved cats Arcturus, Sirius and Cygnus.

The tragedy completely devastated me and it took more than a year to recover mentally and physically from it. When I was given permission to go back to work, I decided that I no longer wanted to live my life like before. I spent my years & # 39; 20 studying and training to become a doctor and it was almost all for nothing. I decided that being happy and enjoying my life was worth a lot more, so I decided to start my own general practice, Powers Family Medicine.

I decided to practice around me and my interests, which are mostly cats and video games. I told some colleagues that I was planning to launch a family practice with therapy cats and video game decorations and they told me that I was crazy and that it would be a complete failure because people would go to a sterile, simple, want to go professional-looking instead of medical care. I decided to continue anyway and rented a small office space near the ruins of my old house (currently being rebuilt). We have been hugely successful and are currently the # 1 patient-oriented family practice in our state.

The therapy cats are all exotic hybrids (early-generation Bengal and Savannah cats) that lack the Fel D1 gene in their saliva, and so people with severe cat allergies are not affected by it. We recently had a patient so allergic to cats that she has an epi-pen that comes to the office. She got to stroke Polaris and burst into tears because she was fond of cats but could not pet them for nearly 30 years. The cats are not allowed in sterile zones, but otherwise have free play in the office. (They are fully vaccinated and free of zoonotic infections, and frankly, the doorknob to the office is more of a risk to you than they are)

Our clinic is special because it really welcomes everyone. We are friendly and respond to the LGBT population, and also have many alt / kink / BDSM, commercial sex workers, polyamorous patients, HIV + patients (who I treat and prescribe PrEP) and other people who feel they feel that cannot be open and honest with their doctor. We also have a number of middle class families in the mix, everyone is welcome and treated with respect! In short, we don't care what anyone else thinks, just tell us the truth and we'll help you stay safe and healthy.

I expected that it would take years before I would develop the practice, because 5-7 years is quite normal. We have been open for 6 months now and from today we are completely full. We have more than 1000 patients in practice, and we have established a waiting list for people to continue if they want to transfer their care to us. I'm looking for expansion opportunities and hiring some help so that we can continue to accept new patients, but for now that has to wait.

If you've read so far and want to see what we've built, let me give you a tour!

Hi! Welcome to the tour! I'm dr. Powers, and this is my clinic!

In the main lobby there is a full-size arcade machine that appears as an unreleased title "The Drs. Powers And The Starcats ”.

The cats have free reign over the office. Each exam room also has a SNES classic to play while you wait!

Phoenix Arcturus Powers is the resident Savannah cat and works on Mondays and Thursdays. He is the half-brother of Arcturus Aldebaran Powers, the tallest cat that has ever lived.

Phoenix basks in the rainbow sunbeams.

At our clinic, you check in with only your initials. You will then be assigned an Amiibo (the name will be printed at the bottom if you do not know the character). Then, when it's your turn to be called back, my MA "Pikachu!" Say it and you'll come back to the exam room. In this way, no matter who is in the lobby at the same time, your privacy is maximally preserved.

Panoramic view of the lobby, we have a large screen TV that streams multiple streaming services and also has SNES Classic. On this day, someone had put Sword Art Online from Crunchyroll in the queue. therapy cats received enough pets for the day, and must take a break in their heated bed.

Behind Polaris on the counter is a question block. Because we didn't have to spend money on advertisements, because the clinic was so popular right away, we put someone's name in the trash instead when referring a person to care. We then draw names during the month to give away prizes such as a Nintendo switch or 3dsXL.