The coronavirus has held the world in its grip well despite lockdowns, and despite quarantines nothing has proven effective. In fact, the number is only increasing with the global toll now exceeding four million and countries like the US taking in 25,000 cases every day. In addition, developing countries such as India and Brazil are now showing larger numbers, with Brazil seeing an increase of 10,000 new cases in one day. But even if the virus catches on, scientists are relentlessly trying to find new ways to defeat the virus.

1 Different treatments are being investigated to fight the coronavirus

Scientists have tried plasma therapy, malaria medication and some not to treat the symptoms of those infected with the virus and some of them work as well. Recovery rates are improving around the world and it now appears that a combination of three antiviral drugs and an immune booster helps patients recover more quickly from coronavirus infections, as reported by doctors in the US.

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2 The new medical combination can be very effective prove to be against the virus

Medical researchers believe that the new medical combo needs more research and testing, but it could be a very effective remedy for COVID19, the disease causing the coronavirus. At the present time, remedesivir is the only drug authorized for use, which shortens the duration and intensity of the disease. But due to the overwhelming number of cases, that too is now scarce.

New medical combo for coronavirus

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3 Human trials showed that patients tested negative within 7 days

The latest study of the three drug combo plus immunity booster included patients with mild to moderate coronavirus symptoms. They have been tested and found positive. They received the new proposed treatment within seven days because doctors now feel that the sooner a patient is treated within days of contracting the disease, the better.

Human study revealed that patients tested negative in 7 days

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