Cats sometimes seem mean and heartless, but they are actually sentimental beings and care a lot about their babies.

Thuy Duong Panda shared an experience with her watching her cat that gave birth while the Father cat was always there for the Mother, who shows her supportive spirit. This story is too good because we thought it only happens to people.

The name of the father's cat is Yello and according to Thuy Duong, Yello is not very friendly to others, except Thuy Duong, her dog and his lovely family. [19659002] At first Yello seemed a little stressed and worried.

Then he started to show some support and care.

Yello's wife gave birth to four healthy babies.

It seems that Yello wanted to make sure that his wife would have everything she needed.

Watch his children carefully.

Looking for Yello who hugs the kittens and makes his wife cozy makes everyone jealous.