The demand calls for professionals

Mobile applications development has reached an exponential increase in popularity among present-day businesses. More and more companies are actively employing the benefits of mobile apps to drive their businesses, whether these are large corporations or small startups. Smartphones are not a luxury anymore but rather a necessity, and this is probably the main reason why the use of apps have become so popular among modern enterprises. As a result, this trend has generated a considerable demand for professional developers. 

There are lots of great mobile app developers out there, which creates fierce competition among them. That’s actually a good sign for companies as they are able to choose from the best! The mobile app development company from Singapore understands the importance of professional employees. However, what makes a good mobile app developer? This list will introduce you to some tips about the skills that you should look for in a mobile app developer in 2021.

The essential skills for mobile developers in 2021

Native app development

A native app is coded in a specific programming language for an operating system such as Android or iOS. Adeptness in a native app development is mandatory as it ensures greater control over the user experience allowing developers to design the apps for easy support. Willing to provide the users with an app that features stability, security and reliability? Then go for a developer who is conversant with a native app framework.

Cross-platform proficiency

Yet another essential skill for any professional mobile developer today. Knowledge of cross-platform development is crucial as the majority of large companies have their apps developed with cross-platform compatibility in mind. Considering the fact that developers have access to a variety of platforms such as React Native, this should not be an issue.

Data analytics

Nowadays, data is one of the most important commodities in the market, especially when it comes to mobile apps. That is why a great mobile app developer should know how to implement user engagement tracking in an app. This way, companies can effectively gather data to improve user experience while boosting their marketing capabilities through the provision of relevant content.

Blockchain technology

This is one of those technologies that keep their hype for extended periods of time. Since its appearance in 2009, a large number of companies have decided to reconstruct their apps to fit in the blockchain technology. After all, it made things such as P2P payments highly secure and way faster. That is why businesses are actively looking for mobile app developers who are knowledgeable about blockchain technology as it could soon reimagine the whole market!

Multiple programming languages

When looking for a mobile app developer, you want to see a person who strives to keep up with the latest trends and technologies that are shaping the market, which is quite natural. Therefore, you should consider looking for professionals who know about the latest programming languages that are most useful and have the greatest potential. This does not mean that it’s mandatory that a developer should be proficient in these languages but it’s an indication that a potential employee is up-to-date.

UI/UX skills

You might think about how user interface and user experience are related to a mobile app developer. While they do not, at least directly, lots of companies do not have UI/UX designers, and this task often falls on the shoulders of app developers. Furthermore, front-end development is closely tied to UI/UX, and this is yet another reason to possess some knowledge about this part of mobile app development.

Ability to perform in a team

Mobile app development has never been a job for one person, contrary to some myths. The development process is usually a collaborative effort between different departments, and that is why being a team player is a must for a good mobile app developer. Furthermore, the modern managerial practice emphasizes the importance of teamwork for positive outcomes, and it is pretty much impossible to find a company that would look for a “lone wolf” type of person. So, the ability to perform in a team is imperative.


This skill can be interpreted as the ability to see the big picture behind small tasks. It is a significant ability for a mobile app developer as one should think about the final result that will shape customer experience rather than about some particular functions. 

Cybersecurity awareness

Nowadays, security is mandatory, especially when it comes to mobile apps. Everyone’s heard about some sort of scandal when users’ personal information was leaked online due to a security breach. Well, that is why a great mobile app developer should be knowledgeable about cybersecurity technologies and solutions as security is one of the top priorities of mobile app users.

Agile methodologies

The majority of projects are now based on an agile approach to app development. That is why any developer should have a sufficient understanding of this concept. Agile approach is about being highly mobile and responsive to any kind of internal and external situations that might change the development process.


Final thoughts

The profession of a mobile app developer is a dynamic one, to say the least. New technologies keep emerging on the market, and they can easily disrupt the fragile status quo. The enterprises are looking for the best professionals out there to provide them with solutions to stay afloat and prosper. That is why a great mobile app developer should have a particular set of skills, especially if one knows how to choose a mobile app development company to collaborate with.

The ability to work with native app development, cross-platform apps and other programming languages is now integral for anyone who considers themselves a developer. As for data analytics, companies really appreciate professionals who delve into this area of app development. When it comes to UI/UX knowledge, while it’s not a mandatory skill, it surely is a great bonus, especially for front-end developers. 

Blockchain technology is probably the future of app development, and competency in this domain is a big plus. Coupled with cybersecurity knowledge, a developer can rest easy as many employers will fight for such skills. Finally, the ability to perform in a team and the vision of a larger picture are imperative for any developer who wants to fit in a company, especially due to the fact that agile approach is the new norm. It’s not about staying behind the lines anymore, it’s about getting the mobile app out to the world, from a simple idea right up to the final launch.