is an employee mobile app that enables real-time communication and collaboration with all your employees. In addition to being an effective way to connect with employees who don't have access to a laptop or desktop, the app comes with many useful engagement and productivity tools that are easy to implement.

Organizations can bring the communication process to a successful conclusion. to-end, directly from targeted content publishing, conducting employee surveys and polls, automating and tracking work, and measuring the impact of their communication strategy with comprehensive dashboards and read receipts.

Simple Interface: Getting employees on board to use a new piece of technology can be a daunting challenge.'s user-app-like interface makes it easy for employees to use with little or no training involved. Employees can view company-wide announcements, access document repositories, and also create groups with custom feeds.

Organizations can create and share announcements with only certain employees through targeted publishing. This ensures that important communications are not overlooked or lost in the clutter. The app also comes with simple collaboration features such as instant messaging, video conferencing and group chat – users can communicate and collaborate in real time without any learning curve.

The app makes it even more convenient for frontline workers with its simple login flow. Employees can log in to the app with only their phone numbers or biometric identification; no business email address is required.

Built-in Engagement Tools: Organizations can engage their employees by conducting regular surveys and polls to understand their views. The app allows companies to collect employee feedback and run ideas contests, improving employee engagement and engagement in the decision-making process.

Comprehensive Analysis: Employee engagement can be measured and analyzed with the app's comprehensive dashboards. . Organizations can understand the reach of their announcements and how many employees have read their broadcasts to understand how effective their communications are and make changes accordingly.

No-Code, Custom Forms and Checklists: Groupe & # 39; s Digital Forms and Checklists Builder Helps Businesses Go Paperless in Minutes, Reduce Data Collection Time, and improves its accuracy. All data is collected in a streamlined manner and can be analyzed through a single dashboard, enabling faster decision-making.

Powerful Workflow Automation: Not having regular in-person interactions makes it difficult to keep track of work status. helps companies to quickly create and implement workflow and process automations. The enterprise-grade process builder comes with a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for companies to quickly automate both routine work and interdepartmental processes. E-approvals and e-signatures also help speed up work.

It's easy to assign and schedule tasks to employees or groups, set priorities and specify deadlines, to ensure work is done according to specifications. The working status can also be tracked in real time. Companies can guarantee 100% process compliance, reduce manual errors, improve turnaround time and increase workplace productivity.

Enterprise app store: Employees regularly use multiple company apps such as CRM, HRMS, and so on. integrates easily with internal and external apps to make the experience faster and smoother. Businesses can build custom integrations, strip complex apps down to the features they need, and make the apps lightweight.

The enterprise app store makes it easy for companies to quickly build and deploy custom apps without the need for coding. This also provides employees with single sign-on to all apps, eliminating the need to maintain multiple credentials and passwords or update different apps.

Virtual Bots: This app comes with conversational and guided AI assistants that help employees navigate complex apps and find the information they need much faster. Groupe uses data mining and machine learning to anticipate what employees need and provide them with relevant information. The bots integrate with any internal and third-party systems to connect multiple tools and automate tasks.

Easy Implementation: can be rolled out widely within 24 hours, full white label according to organization requirements. Groupe's in-house professional services team also helps build custom apps and integrations if the organization's IT team doesn't have the bandwidth to do so.

Secure: Organizations can set detailed permissions and roles for the app and keep their data confidential. The app also comes with remote wipe capabilities that allow businesses to remotely recall employees and wipe data from their devices when needed. With 256-bit AES encryption, ensures the highest level of data security.

Summary: is the perfect solution for impactful internal communication. It comes with an enterprise-level automation suite, enables smooth collaboration and integrates seamlessly with internal and external apps. This secure platform without code is easily customizable and can be widely used.

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