When you fail in life, people often ignore you. Some people show their true nature by making fun of, insulting and humiliating you. Don't waste your precious time responding to it. Understand their inner intentions. Work hard to establish and excel. When you achieve success, they approach you with a list of requests and favors. Smile at them. This is the first mindset.

When people insult you, it reflects their image. You can understand their character. Have pity on them. If you retaliate, there will be no difference between you and them. The ideal option for you is to ignore them and move on with your life. This is the second school of thought.

“We should practice showing love and helping each other. It is a mistake to pursue happiness and avoid suffering by deceiving and humiliating other people. We must try to achieve happiness and end suffering by being kind and good. "—Dalai Lama

If you notice something when people humiliate you, take intrapersonal feedback, thank the person, and move on. Accept the reality that no one is all and no one is all bad. This is the third school of thought.

Wise people can focus their energies on creative and productive activities to prove themselves rather than respond to toxic people. Winston Churchill once remarked, "You will never reach your destination if you stop and throws stones at every dog ​​that barks. "So focus on your goals. This is the fourth school of thought.

When people challenge you, you unlock your hidden power. You explore ways and means to counter them and to Therefore, treat insults and humiliation as blessings in disguise. John Donne rightly remarked, “Humiliation is the beginning of sanctification.” This is the fifth school of thought.

If you take toxic people seriously they hurt you more. So don't take them seriously. Remove negative people from your memory and replace them with positive people. Surround yourself with inspiring people to stimulate yourself. This is the sixth school of thought.

Life is an experiment with successes and failures. With success you cannot recognize your friends, while with failure you can easily recognize your real friends. It is rightly said that prosperity brings friends, while adversity tests them. The takeaway is to be unenthusiastic about successes and dejected by failures. Take both equally. This is the seventh school of thought.

Tips for Overcoming Insults and Humiliations

"Don't give anyone the power to bring you down. Haters are losers pretending to be winners." —Paulo Coelho

Be positive. Believe in yourself. Build self-esteem. Become resilient by nurturing your self-worth. Stay away from naysayers. Avoid mean and toxic people. Don't compare yourself to others. Compete with yourself. Raise your bar. Be simple and get humble. Look at the door that opens. Don't get angry about it. Be nice and compassionate to yourself. Time will heal the wounds. Keep working hard to prove yourself. Write down the insults and humiliations that can serve you to write an autobiography in the future.

Don't just look at the successes of the achievers. Look at their failures and the difficult times they went through to reach their tipping point. All successful people have hidden stories behind them. Some people turned their scars into stars and turned their brickbats into bouquets. Mahatma Gandhi was humiliated as he traveled in the first-class coupé in South Africa. It changed him forever and he fought for equality and independence. So instead of bending, come out with more force for the greater good.

Covert Your Scars into Stars

Understand the fact that the world respects only achievers, not failures. Remember that no one can achieve greatness without facing failure, insults, and humiliation. In summary, insults, humiliations and failures are an integral part of everyone's life. How you overcome them shows your character. The ideal option is not to retaliate. Ignore them because you know your true worth better than anyone else in the world. Learn lessons from such people and get on with your life. Life is great.

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