It is quite common for a child to develop a persistent cough, especially during the cold winter months. So if your little one has developed a severe cough, don't worry too much as there are many quick and easy solutions you can come up with at home. There will always be something that will work to heal your baby in no time. For example, wraps and rubs, drinks, and gargles can be used at any time to stop a cough, and these are effective.

With these recipes, you can prepare amazing remedies that can treat any type of cough and bring your child back to health. Here are some of the best cough remedies:

1 Garlic and Onion Milk

Onions are effective in curing colds, coughs, sore throats and even high fever, even though they may seem a bit gross. To prepare a cure for your child's cough, chop 3 small onions and half a cup of garlic and put them in 1 liter of milk. Heat this brew and cook until everything is soft. Then strain it and add some honey to improve the taste so that your child doesn't mind taking it.

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2 Pineapple Juice

Pineapple contains bromelain, an element with strong anti-inflammatory properties. You can relieve cough with pineapple juice, as it can reduce mucus in the throat. Sometimes, however, the mucus is not completely removed with just the juice, in which case a little ginger and honey can be added to the pineapple juice. But before using this method, make sure that your child is not allergic to pineapple.

Pineapple Juice for Breakfast

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3 Ginger Wrap

One of the many cough remedies is ginger wrap which is quite simple to make. You can use the ingredients that are already present at home. You only need a little bit of honey, flour, olive oil and a tablespoon of ground ginger or powdered ginger. Combine these ingredients and put some of this mixture on a napkin and apply it to your child's chest with a bandage. Apply this remedy 3 hours before bed. But if your child has sensitive skin, don't use this remedy to avoid irritations or allergic reactions.

Ginger Pack

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