The youngsters today love home theater because it simply gives them the luxury of watching their favorite shows or movies with a woofing effect in their own place. The world has come up with countless companies offering a wide variety of home theater systems and many choices can only leave you in a dilemma! Well, there are many factors that influence this choice, such as ease of installation, budget, space, room / hall size, warranty, sound system, etc. Here are the top speakers the world is going crazy about and consider for your next choice.

  1. Sony HT-RT 40
    It is a soundbar-like product that provides the users a seamless picture with an authentic cinematic surround sound effect. This 5.1 channel home cinema HT-RT 40 gives your living room an elegant look with quite seamless and hassle-free installation. This home theater is equipped with NFC and Bluetooth technology that allows users to listen wirelessly at the touch of a button and the big boy speakers would be your perfect music partner no matter what mood you are in. According to the company, the Bluetooth range is up to 15 meters. Moreover, it gives you the option to control all your songs through the Sony Music Center app.

  2. F&D F3800X
    This 5.1 Computer Multimedia speaker is qualified by SIG certification. Its bright white LED display gives viewers a fantastic view, while its 3 ”full-range driver with 5.25 bass drivers for the subwoofer provides an apparently clear sound. If the USB / SD card reader with USB reader supports MP3 / WMA dual format decoding, the FM digital function works on PLL technology and allows access to more than 100 stations. It comes with a fully functional fluorescence remote control and the 4.0 version of bluetooth can operate up to 15 meters, worth a try!

  3. Sony HT-IV300
    With 1000 W sound output, you don't need an additional amplifier to experience amplified surround sound in a movie theater. It has 1 center speaker, 2 front speakers and 2 surround speakers enough to give you a cinematic effect in your own place. The ClearAudio + technology not only simplifies, but also enhances your music experience and the 5.1 channel audio makes the sound more attractive. The S-Master digital amplifier offers you the best digital audio experience. The Dolby Prologic technology used amazingly converts all stereo sound into surround sound. Its compact size doesn't even take up much space like it used to with a conventional home theater system.

  4. JBL BAR 9.1 True Wireless Surround Soundbar ($ 999.95)
    With 820W of power, the JBL Bar 9.1 soundbar gives you powerful audio with full clarity making every moment of movies and music worthwhile is to live and enjoy. So you can enjoy your favorite movie anywhere in your room with the two detachable surround speakers that can operate for up to 10 hours after being fully charged. You are just a tap away from your favorite music streaming online thanks to excellent compatibility with Chrome Cast and Airplay 2. If you are someone interested in gaming, you would have an unforgettable sound experience with the built-in Dolby Atmos, DTS: X , and the four speakers.

So, which one are you going to pick?