Cats are smart, independent and are really special in their own crazy, nonchalant manner. They do what they want when they want and do not care about the consequences. But whatever they do, they must obey the laws of nature. In fact, however, they are so weird that they do not have any kind of laws or rules – not even the laws of physics. This will make you think: "Is that cat broken?" No! They are just cute cats, who casually break all the laws of nature and bend the laws of nature.

Here are 25 photos of cats who defy physical laws. By bouncing off the walls at 3 o'clock at night or sleeping in positions that only a serpent could find comfortable, they refuse to obey these laws. Although they understand the basic laws of physics, they want to show that: "We won't obey your stupid physics, man!"

1. A leaked photo from the latest Spider-Man movie

2. "No, I am not possessed, just let me sleep, man!"

3. "Stupid man, gravity doesn't apply to me!"

4. Who needs a blanket if you can cover yourself with your own body?

5. We call this the "If I don't expose my legs, the monsters won't catch me".

6. Another cat who had no blanket and had to cover himself with his own body:

7. "Hey, keep your head up, everything will be fine."

8. That awkward moment when your body is already fluid, but your head is not

9. "Don't worry, I can suck and drink at the same time."

10. "I can do the splits!"

11. This is how the furry kitten monks meditate:

12. "You are not welcome in our glass house!"

13. Chilling out after a long day doing the same thing, only in a different place

14. * record scratch *, * frame freeze * – "You probably wonder how I got here …"

15. When you lie down and try to consider all the choices you have made in life:

16. Is it too early for another joke about "being possessed"?

17. Cats dance when we are not at home, therefore they always seem lazy when we are with them. They are just tired.

18. "Does my butt look big in this?"

19. “Everyone thinks I'm a fish. I am the disguised master! "

20. Nothing to see here, only a melting cat …

21. There is nothing like fresh flowers in your house.

22. This tap water looks strange.

23. When you need to get your AB training in:

24. Stay hydrated!

25. "I have to go, my planet needs me!"