We may have heard about the beautiful places in many countries, but here are some pictures of Facts about Scotland that may surprise us and that is why we had collected some fantastic pictures from the internet.

1. Nessie and Morag

Just like his imaginary (or real?) Native Nessie, Loch Ness is in Scotland. Few of us, however, know that the Loch Ness monster has a brother or sister who, according to legend, lives in Loch Morar. Her name is Morag and 34 registered observations have been made of her, half of whom have more than one witness. Its existence is more likely because Loch Ness has already been explored by so many people, while Loch Morar is much larger and less popular.

2. The land of redheads

The percentage of redheaded people is around 1% to 2% in all countries except Scotland. The ratio of redheads in this country is 13% and thanks to genetics, almost every family can have a redhead baby. Researchers assume that this hair color and light skin can get more vitamin D from the sun, which is important because the weather in Scotland is usually gloomy.

3. "Not proven" is a possible judgment that can be used in court.

Since the 17th century, the legal system of Scotland has approved 3 judgments: guilty, not guilty and not proven. The latter option is considered a relief, even if the court is certain of the guilt or innocence of a suspect, but cannot prove it. This system has opponents and supporters, but if their arguments are the same, the need for & # 39; has not been proven & # 39; judgment is crucial.

4. "True Scotsman"

There is a special attitude towards whether or not underwear are worn under kilts in Scotland. Initially, kilts were worn in the army and placed on a naked body, so the followers of this tradition are known as "True Scotsmen." In the past, soldiers were checked for the presence of underwear under their kilts and those who were caught wearing had to give up their underwear. Over time, these controls were considered intimidation and many awkward situations forced the Scots to finally put on underwear.

5. Dwarfs with Scottish accents

A typical inhabitant of Scotland likes to drink, use dirty words and speak openly and honestly about everything he is doing. Remember that you don't like those short characters from fantasy movies and games? Dwarves in fantasies always sound Scottish, even if they are not aware of it. Nowadays, mass culture has almost no representatives of this race who speak differently.

6. Free personal care products for women

A year ago, Scotland became the first country to offer free personal care products for women. They are available in government institutions such as libraries, schools, and public centers.

7. Prohibiting the breeding of "designer" pets

Nowadays, people are more interested in special breeds of pets with physical handicaps such as short legs, bulging eyes, short noses, etc. These functions become real problems for pet health, which leads to the need for expensive treatments. Scotland fights for animal rights and prohibits the breeding of such animals.

8. The longest echo in the world

To set a new world record (the previous one was also recorded in Scotland) the British journalist Tom Scott had to descend an abandoned fuel tank. The echo that sounded after the firing of the starting gun lasted almost 2 minutes!

9. Blue lights

Blue-colored lights were installed on the streets of Glasgow to improve the overall appearance of the city, but the media discovered that they were starting an interesting trend – the number of crimes and attempts to commit suicide have fallen dramatically. Psychologists attribute this to the fact that the blue color is often associated with the police, making people act more cautiously. Later the Japanese adopted this style and started using it.

10. A land of islands

The territory of Scotland consists of islands. There are a total of 790 islands, but people only live in 99. The majority of the population lives in the northern part of the island of Great Britain, while other islands are either used for fishing or being abandoned

11 . Bonnybridge, the UFO village

Scotland is so popular with tourists that even aliens visit! They like to come to the village of Bonnybridge, also called the local & # 39; portal to another universe & # 39; mentioned. Every year around 300 people declare that they have seen a UFO here that is more than anywhere else in the world. Every second resident of the village has seen something that looks like a UFO at least once.