"Our country was not built to be closed," said US President Donald Trump. "This is not a country built for this." One wonders whether the President is justified in such a statement, even now that countries like India, the UK and others around the world are applying strict closings to curb the coronavirus pandemic that is in danger of getting out of control? WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said the US could become the center of the pandemic “We are now seeing a very significant acceleration in business in the US. So it has that potential [to become the centre of the pandemic].

1 Obama's Ebola Puntman warns that there may be a number of spikes in the ongoing coronavirus epidemic in the coming months

As President Donald Trump said about reopening the country to business, Referring to reasons of huge impact on the economy, experts such as Obama's Ebola Tsar Ron Klain, who served as a pointed man at the Ebola outbreak, have warned that the country should prepare for some spikes in the virus crisis and that there are also more deaths.

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2 The number of confirmed cases of COVID 19 in the US exceeds the limit of 50,000

According to the world meter dashboard, there are now over 50,000 confirmed cases and count with 9,000 plus new cases registered and 129 new fatalities. The US is actually the third most infected country in the world, and with the government's current stance, it could overtake China as the world's most infected country with coronavirus, as suggested by the WHO.

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3 New York is the NO. 1 hotspot

The NO1 hotspot is New York with over 21,000 cases and over 157 deaths and New York City with over 12,000 cases of COVID-19. China has suddenly seen a jump today in 78 new cases, with the majority said imported cases were from COVID19 infected people returning to the mainland.

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