North Korea has always been a very private country where, unless you live there, you have no idea what is going on there. The most recent news from North Korea via the internet was about the alleged premature death of the North Korean dictator. How did this happen? Where does the news come from? Nobody knows. But amid the fake news and rumors circulating on the internet, North Korea released images of Kim alive and well, sparking a whole new controversy.

1 Where is the supreme leader?

This question has been circulating on the Internet after rumors spread that the supreme leader of North Korea was ill. Soon this went from illness to his deathbed with his sister in line for the throne. These rumors have even been reported by CNN. But now it seems that those rumors were just false when photos of the Supreme Leader recently surfaced that showed him alive and well.

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2 What were the rumors?

From international news media to TMZ, everyone began reporting about the alleged & # 39; death & # 39; of the supreme leader of North Korea. This was supported only by supposed evidence that was not concrete. Everyone mentioned & # 39; multiple sources coming from North Korea and the Far East & # 39; the reason why the news should be true.

What were the rumors

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3 Was he dead or sick?

According to reports, the top leader after surgery was in great danger. Soon, reports came out that he went into a vegetative state after the operation went wrong. Of course, the internet saw an opportunity with every hot controversial topic and followed along.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

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4 The fake news

Once the internet had a new toy which, in this case, was the mysterious disappearance of the Supreme Leader of North Korea without proper evidence, people began to create their own background stories. From failed heart surgery by a nerve surgeon to the coronavirus, the internet has made every corner.

Kim jong un death news

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Soon the internet was filled with pictures & # 39 ; s and articles they try to convince people that Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, is dead.Of course, over time, these images and articles turned out to be fake without any evidence. internet not like to spread the message of Kim & # 39; s death.

Fake news about the death of Kim Jong un

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