The coronavirus appears to be a freight train that does not seem to stop anytime soon. It has claimed more than 13,000 lives and infected more than 300,000 people worldwide. Doctors and medical experts from all over the world are unsuccessfully trying to find a cure. Meanwhile, they are trying to educate people on how to protect themselves from this disease.

Their only words for us are to stay at home and keep our hands and surroundings clean. This may seem like something we don't need to be told, but there are still so many people who don't understand how social distance works and why it's necessary in a time like this.

1 The message

"I kept working for you, you stay at home for us" is the message doctors everywhere are trying to spread on social media. This is a very important message that people should know, because the only way we can slow down the spread of the coronavirus is through social distance.

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2 Why is this important?

This is so important because the only way to prevent the spread of this virus is if people isolate themselves and stay away from others. Since the outbreak began, people have been asked to stay away from public and social gatherings because this is the best and easiest way to get this virus to new people.

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3 These People Are Suffering

Nurses, both men and women, have posted pictures of what they look like after working overtime for days without a break at the same rate save lives if possible and the images are horrifying. They are trapped in their hospitals while only caring for patients as the number of infected continues to rise.

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4 They risk it all

The nurses and doctors who are on the front lines to treat all old and new coronavirus patients risk keeping it all the distribution contained and saved as many people as they could. A post went viral on social media where the nurses took off their masks to show their faces and the marks the masks had left on their skin.

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5 Why is this important?

This post went viral because it showed how long these people wore these masks and how it marked their faces. This is important because it shows how long they have been working. They don't take breaks, they don't sleep much and they are very understaffed.

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