Everyone loves having a pet. Whether cat or dog, they are both equally fun to have with their own individual benefits. Today we have collected some really funny and hilarious images of pets trying to pretend to be on a secret mission. Pets have their own small world in which they like to play. As a pet owner, you can agree that you walked them in at least once in your life while doing something that made you scratch your head.

1 Merging in

This cat is on a mission to mingle in the world and he would have worked perfectly if he hadn't been there. The cat is gray and the wall behind it matches its coat color, but the bright green shrub gives it away. Unfortunately, this is a failed mission 007. Your cover is blown.

Image source: index.hr

2 Trying to steal a snack

It's this cat's mission to quick snack to steal from the owner. It is amazing how expertly it has found a way to go to the pizza without being seen. Cats are very smart creatures and can find a way to get what they want. Especially in the case of food, the cat can do everything that is quite impressive.

Trying to Steal a Snack

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

3 Nature & # 39; s "Charlie & # 39; s Angels"

This single photo is better than the recent & # 39; Charlie & # 39; s Angels & # 39; movie that came out. Here we have three cute looking deer. This is an incredible image that shows the photographer's photography skills. If these deer just bend over, you can't see them.

Charlie's Angels

Image Source: thematicnews.com

4 Like the Predator

This cat does great in its environment and mixes better than the previous cat we saw. This is an exceptional statue resembling a predator chasing its prey. This is something from a Nat Geo documentary about how cats catch mice. It looks incredible from the point of view of photography and from the point of view of animal nature.

Like the Predator

Image Source: userapi.com

5 Hide and Seek Champion

Cats really are nature's hidden champions. They can crawl into any bag and hide anywhere. This cat is hiding in a bag but the owner has found it and the look on his face says it all. He is found and his mind tells him that his cover has blown up.

Hide and seek champion

Image Source: nemkacsa.com