Drama! Drama everywhere! It seems we can't escape a good online scandal these days and people can't get enough of it. They appear out of nowhere one after another and everyone and their mom start talking about it! The internet has become a terrible place, yet millions of people spend most of their days on it. Now you can find more hate than love online, and that scares us. Once the internet was a place where we could learn more and spend some quality time, but today things have changed. It has become a toxic environment, where many people share a lot of information about their personal lives and in most cases it is gaining fame online. So it is no surprise that some of them are losing fame faster than they have acquired. All they need is one juicy scandal and their career is over forever! But some scandals are a good thing because it means people are talking about it and sometimes that's all that matters! Lil Huddy is in the midst of a major scandal and we will have to wait and see whether it will have a positive or negative outcome. Let's see what this is all about!