The significance and role of IT has skyrocketed year after year. The same also applies to their accountancy organizations. Evaluating IT processes and systems is of the utmost importance. Determining and minimizing the risk to a company's information assets is their most important role. They are in demand all over the world for both jobs and internships. The below are the best IT audit firms in the US for the internship.

  1. Deloitte
    Deloitte tops the list of companies providing IT audit services not only in the Middle East but around the world. The local team of over 100 professionals with a team of IT professionals is skilled enough to make the required business changes and give the customers direct access to the widespread IT capabilities with the required tools and processes in the dynamic but highly demanding global environment. The team of more than 100 IT risk professionals in the Middle East and more than 10,000 in the rest of the world, has a solid foundation for IT Internal Audit Transformation, Execution or QA / SME support for IT audits, IT risk assessment and development of risk-based IT IA plan, IT Internal Audit Function Diagnostic review, Capacity Building Training, etc.
  2. PwC
    PwC delivers high quality audits with breakthrough technology. There is no need to be a professional to join the company, the interns would receive all the required training using Digital Academies and structured training pathways. Serving a wide variety of clients across the country, the team provides employees and interns with a career boom with intense industry experience. In addition, the company looks forward to the professional and personal development of its "people" by supporting them everywhere. The team is taught to work with patience, wit, dexterity and flexibility. The company does its best to hear everyone and cultivate them with innovation, guts, intelligence and diversity.
  3. Ernst and Young
    The Ernst and Young team delivers high quality audits by integrating the latest technology into their auditing processes. . They excel at meeting their expectations, along with those of investors, companies and regulators. The company therefore believes and invests in innovation and looks forward to building a better world by operating with greater transparency and trust. Undoubtedly, technology brings enormous opportunities and equivalent risks. The company has digitized the entire audit process and brought digital innovation to the audit work. A significant investment in recent technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), drones, advanced data analysis, automation, etc. gives the auditors the best available tools for their work.
  4. KPMG
    The organization has sufficient skilled resources to provide a practical lookout for mitigating risks and to make suggestions for improving efficiency and effectiveness. The escalating use of information technology exposes organizations to many risks such as network outages, threats of viruses and hacking, etc. Treating them requires upscale planning at a higher cost. The company provides enhanced management by leveraging experienced controls to eliminate IT risks. The team performs its work with enhanced visibility of IT issues and prior identification of the scope of improvement in a digitally controlled environment. The team is also involved in deeper, preventive, systematic and detective checks.
  5. Grant Thornton
    The WTA licensee of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, Grant Thornton, is a universally recognized professional services provider and is a member of one of the largest networks of accounting and consultancy firms worldwide. In total, the company consists of 56,000 professionals from more than 140 countries. Its professionals provide their clients with first-class expertise in tax, audit and consultancy. The company is not only firmly established in this dynamic global market, but also ensures personal involvement to be able to respond quickly to the customer's problems. The company has one of the best teams to meet any challenge in the hands-on world.

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