Furkids is an animal shelter whose hilarious & # 39; Kitty Commercial & # 39; becomes viral, the whole team proved one point: you don't need a budget to create a masterpiece!

Furkids rescue organization in Atlanta, Georgia, so the main character of the commercial is a native Atlantan man Paul Preston. Paul is brilliant at improvising, so it only took 30 minutes to film the video.

In real life, Preston is not a comedian. He is a contractor at a property rental company that happens to be a funny guy. He acts as a second-hand car seller and is looking to adopt a cat, and his performance is completely convincing.

That is actually Preston's sister who came up with the idea. She is a regular volunteer at Furkids, and she is the one who best understands her brother's sense of humor. So she could not imagine that they would handle the role better than Preston.