Even if the coronavirus threatens new outbreaks in China as a result of imported broadcasts, certain tabloids and websites now contain articles of a new viral threat called the Hantavirus that killed one man in China. With every disaster, there are the alarmists and fear sellers who feed the unhappy audience with the clickbait content. Similarly, of course, there is a Hantavirus, but it can actually be transmitted between people like Covid-19 and is really dangerous as it is touted remains to be seen. These are our own studies from internet research.

1 Did a man really die from the Hantavirus?

Twitter is popular with the hashtag #hantavirus and yes it is true that a man in China has died from the virus. The report was circulated in the Global Times that a man died of the Hantavirus virus in Yunnan Province, China, while on a chartered bus bound for Shandong Province.

Image Source: aa.com.tr

2 Is Hantavirus the Same As Coronavirus

Just because the medical terms contain the word virus, it is exploited as usual to seem synonymous with coronavirus causing COVID 19. What is even more alarming is the fact that the incident occurred in China. This has also given the impression to several people around the world that we are now under a new threat that will complete the task of COVID 19 and wipe out much of the population.

Image Source: indiatimes.in

3 What, then, is the truth about the Hantavirus?

Well, a man died of the Hantavirus, but the glaring fact is that it is nothing like COVID 19 and does not transmit from person to person. It in no way resembles a pandemic similar to SARS-CoV-19 and no, it will not attack the world as some frivolous websites claim it will, so there is jo to be alarmed. However, a disease is a disease and since Hantavirus is a disease, we thought you should be aware of it.

Image source: www.tori.ng