Sugar is an essential ingredient in the preparation of a sweet dish, because it only serves to make it taste better. When we're hungry, we usually like to dwell on the taste of our favorite desserts. While vomiting sugary desserts and snacks may seem like an innocent delight, it is actually one of the main reasons for many complicated health problems. This is especially true when consumed in large quantities. In these times, sugar may be hard to avoid, but in many cases we don't realize how addicted we are to it. There are several warning signs that our body gives us, which may indicate that it may be time to reduce the amount of sweet things we eat. These are some signs that can tell you if you are eating too much sugar.

1 Muscle and Joint Pain

If your muscle or joint pain forces you to skip your daily walks, gardening, or other activities, your body may be trying to warn you about something. It could be due to an inflammatory process inside. When your diet contains large amounts of sugar, your immune cells will release inflammatory messengers in the blood. These try to break down advanced glycation end products, or proteins that are bound to a glucose molecule.

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Sugar Causes Inflammatory Reactions

Eating more sugar will only increase the advanced glycation end products, which in turn results in more inflammatory messengers being sent to the broken cycle. This series of biochemical reactions will eventually lead to arthritis, cataract, poor memory, wrinkled skin, and heart disease.

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2 Sugary foods and sweet cravings

Even after eating a muffin an hour ago, you can still go hungry in a pinch, because sugar is very fast processed and digested. Sugar is also known to release dopamine, which is the same as you feel when taking addictive medications. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter released by neurons in our system in response to rewarding events. Dopamine is responsible for keeping us in a good mood.

This is why when you eat more sugar, you crave it even more because the brain registers it as a treat or a reward, turning it into a vicious and addictive cycle. Due to the lack of beneficial nutrients in sugar, foods rich in it will never make you feel full.

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