For anyone who has ever worked in customer service, you would know that there are certain behaviors that are highly welcomed by customers that can help make your job easier or even make your day. In these ever-changing and challenging times, the ability to be a great customer and provide kindness to those we interact with in a service environment is more important than ever.

Here are 8 helpful tips to support customer service:

  1. Adhere to the safe social distance regulations put in place to protect team members and customers alike. I've seen team members abused for asking a customer to adhere to protocols in place for everyone's protection. Compliance with these measures is essential for everyone's safety and health.
  2. Be patient. It will take longer than usual because changes in the way normal practices need to be changed and restrictions have affected everything from delivery times to the minimum number of customers allowed in stores. The number of phone calls has increased in many contact centers as demand increases and these factors all affect the time it takes to serve.
  3. See how you can support local businesses using delivery services, pre-calling to place an order, pick up services, anything we can do as a community to support small businesses will be critical to their survival.
  4. Understand that many changes that take place are beyond the control of the person you are speaking to. Changes in terms and conditions, cancellations of services and other disruptions are a result of the current situation and it is important to separate the person from the problem you are dealing with. It's not their fault.
  5. Compliment. Take the time to acknowledge and acknowledge exceptional customer service. Write a rating, call, send an email or share a positive review on social media, tell the positive. I called and spoke to a support center from a very busy organization this week to pass on my positive feedback, and the response was incredible, as the team member shared with me, they are dealing with so many challenges and difficult situations, to get good news stories hearing is greatly appreciated.
  6. If something went wrong, take the time to let the company know. Give them the opportunity to resolve service issues by providing constructive feedback. Customer feedback is a vital part of continuous improvement and as businesses need to adapt and make rapid and constant change, the ability to provide immediate feedback gives businesses direct access to the customer's voice and allows them to improve current practices.
  7. Show respect and courtesy to team members and other customers at all times. There have been far too many instances of unacceptable customer behavior showing a fundamental disrespect for those who work in a service environment. The safety and wellbeing of all team members and customers is paramount at all times. As a client, these are tough times and if you find yourself feeling stressed or angry, take a few deep breaths and focus on staying calm and in control.
  8. Just contact the team. Ask them how their day is going, have a laugh with them, reach out, and have a conversation. These moments of interaction can provide relief from the stress that the team may face on a daily basis.

I watch in awe and speak to so many incredible customer service leaders and professionals dealing with unprecedented demands, re-structuring entire workplaces, working from home yet being able to serve their customers and adapt so quickly to new ways of working. Genuine interest and concern for their world right now is one way we can all build strong bonds and let the team know that we are all doing this together.

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