If you tried to travel in 2020, chances are you had a delayed flight or encountered a disruption to your planned travel time. Knowing how difficult, tiring and time consuming it is to read all the rules imposed by the countries you plan to travel in and the airline contract terms and conditions, I decided to share some tips for current travelers. Unfortunately, these tips won't eliminate or address the difficulty of travel these days, but they can be your guide to better handling the delayed flight and staying sane when your patience runs out:

  1. Avoid checking luggage

In To stay flexible and make quick decisions, don't check in your luggage at all costs. If you have to reschedule your flight and choose another airline, you need your luggage. Most airlines take a long time to return the luggage to the owner after check-in. When your flight is delayed, you need to make decisions quickly and every second can mean a lot to you.

  • Sign up for Airline Alerts

You want to be ahead of the curve at these times, as the details of your flight can change very abruptly. If the airlines decide to offer their passengers a connecting flight, it is preferable to be among the first passengers to receive this option. The later you arrive to take the connecting flight, the less likely you are to board the flight. Chances are that the tickets for connecting flights are quickly oversold and that there are no empty seats left.

Have you heard of "air rage"? This term stands for people who are aggressive during air travel. Few people don't feel stressed before their flight. The reasons you're about to break down range from flight phobia to worrying about the weight of your suitcase. Therefore, it is reasonable for people to be more stressed before their flights than before the train or car journeys. Being stuck in the airport is a very unpleasant experience, but it can get worse when you're surrounded by a bunch of angry strangers. A 2017 study by Daniel Stokols, a professor of psychology and social behavior at the University of California, proved that full flights can increase anger in people. So to reduce the stress and think with a clear head, avoid crowded places.

  • Check your airlines' social media accounts

Most airlines have social media accounts and millions of subscribers to YouTube channels, it is a lot easier to communicate with your customers through social media. That's why many airlines tweet information about delayed flights, what to do about it, and follow-up information. So it could be very helpful and time-saving to check your airlines' social media accounts.

I had a professor who had to fly frequently because of her job and who always checked the term papers at airports. Flight delay is stressful and I get it if you don't feel like reading a book or checking your business emails during that time, but there's a lot more you can do at the airport. If you haven't brought food and drinks from home, you can just walk around the airport and find your favorite food. You can also shop for your friend's upcoming birthday or buy presents for the upcoming holidays. Ultimately, airports are multifunctional spaces and you can get almost anything to your heart's content.