Some celebrities are so attracted to this world that they spend a lot of their free time in casinos. Here you’ll find some of them.

Have you ever wondered what celebrities do when they are off set or off stage? Some travel, others lock themselves up at home, others prefer to have fun and feel the adrenaline that a good game of poker or roulette for real money online can leave them.  Here are 5 stories of celebrities who enjoy gambling and betting as much or more than you do.

George Clooney

For the protagonist of “The Big Scam” and “The New Big Scam”, gambling is a fundamental part of his life and he likes it so much that in 2005 he had the project of opening a casino in Las Vegas, although in the end the plan did not prosper.

His passion for gambling is so great that Clooney doesn’t limit himself to placing bets in casinos. He also has an amusing anecdote: before getting engaged to Amal Ramzi, the actor was so convinced that he would never walk down the aisle again that he bet 70,000 euros with actress Michelle Pfeiffer that he would never marry again.

We all know what happened next. Amal and George Clooney have been married for four years and are the happy parents of twins. What not many knew was that Michelle Pfeiffer took a lot of money into her pocket. It is worth mentioning that this was not the first time Clooney made a bet like this.

Harry Styles

According to E! Online, when the singer was part of the group One Direction, he invested too much money in roulette because he felt a great attraction to this game. His passion for gambling was (or is) so great that he has “17 black” tattooed on his left shoulder, which, according to some sources, is his lucky number and color.

To date, it is not known how much he won or lost at the casinos, but the fact is that he has been away from them for quite some time now

Floyd Mayweather

This ex-boxer loves luxury and showing it off on his social networks. Although he is not often seen in casinos, he often bets large amounts of money on sporting events. He even bet in his favor before some big matches in the ring, which turned out very well for Floyd, as he ended up undefeated in his boxing career.

Pamela Anderson

Since 2007, the actress has mentioned on numerous occasions her intention to open a casino in Las Vegas, but so far nothing has materialized. However, some casinos have taken advantage of Pamela’s popularity in the gambling world, as well as her beauty, to use her as an image in some games. Such is the case of some little machines at Palms Casino.

Ben Affleck

He’s a fan of gambling and betting, and the world knows it. He has spent much of his life in casinos and even met his ex, Rick Salomon, a famous American poker player, at one of them.

The bets got out of hand for the actor, so much so that some media claim it was one of the reasons he divorced Jennifer Garner. Although, he’s great at poker.

Between 2010 and 2014 he was seen on numerous occasions in Las Vegas casinos and even received a call of attention at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino due to bad practices (counting cards) in a game of Blackjack, one of his favorite games.

He currently keeps a low profile in the gambling world, but it is said that what you learn well, you never forget. Let’s hope that he knows how to channel his passion for gambling in a positive way.

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