We often see that some fabrics are ridiculously priced and often wonder the reason behind the high price tag. While most of us believe that the fashion label plays a significant role in the price hike, the reason for that is slightly different.
Like most other fabrics out there, there is also wool in different varieties. Most of the expensive wool garments manufactured today use the finest and rarest material that sets it apart from the competition.
Here in this blog below we will list some of the most expensive woolen garments and the reason behind the demand. [19659002] Vicuna Wool Wear:
One of the most expensive types of wool clothing is made from Vicuna wool. The fabric costs a whopping $ 3000 for one yard, which is very expensive. The main reason behind such lavish prices is the quality of the coat. Vicuna fur is derived from a rare variety of sheep. The Vicuna sheep is native to Peru and the sheep's fur can be shaved every 3 years. Also, the overall process of extracting the substance is also very expensive as it is usually done by hand looming. So for anyone who wants a Vicuna fur coat, remember it will cost you a fortune.

  • Cashmere Wool Baby Clothes:
    A top favorite of celebrities and everyone else Cashmere wool is yet another expensive fabric. The fabric is so popular that the famous people in the world love to put it in the closet. The fabric has time to be manufactured as it is derived from goats' undercoat and then bred to produce wool. Baby Cashmere, on the other hand, is shaved from Hircus Baby Goats. One of the main reasons behind the fabric's exponential popularity is its rare quality.
  • Lambswool Woolen Wear:
    Another name that appears on our list is the Lambswool. The wool is also called & # 39; Virgin Wool & # 39; called because it is derived from baby sheep. The shaving process is performed when the sheep is only a few months old and the resulting fabric is smooth, hypoallergenic and wrinkle-free. What makes the fabric and clothing very expensive is the fact that each sheep can produce lambswool once. So now that you know the reason, it becomes clear why clothing is so expensive.
  • Guanaco Woolen Wear:
    Guanaco is another extremely precious woolen garment, known for its lavish price. Guanaco's come under the Llama family. They are mostly found in South America and only 2 to 3 pounds of fur can be collected from an adult. Due to this fact, Guanaco wool has become a sought after fabric. The overall process of making clothes from the fabric can take a long time, but that doesn't stop fashion enthusiasts from spending dollars to buy them. Each coat made from Guanaco wool has a price tag of $ 25,000 to $ 30,000, making it an extravagant purchase.