There is a fascinating theory related to high adrenaline sports. Today's people suffer from overthinking and thinking about the past or the present. The direct thought that has grounded us to the present is usually absent.

Living in the present is the challenge of our generation for many philosophers. Being absorbed in what other people think of us and how we can change their mind is a huge waste of time.

However, it has been proven that the human mind loses its ability to think absolutely only on two occasions. One is the moment of orgasm, which is associated with life as a function. The other is when a great fear arises that threatens human life and is associated with death.

At that point, the mind prioritizes the need to overcome the danger and is totally unable to think of anything else. People who have lost touch with the present often feel the need to feel that their minds are in total calm. Therefore, they turn to sports where the adrenaline increases automatically during the sport, and they are allowed to focus on the present. In fact, some of them are addicted, but most of us just enjoy these hobbies.

Below we suggest some of the best places to practice the risky sport of skydiving and feel relieved again.

  1. Interlaken, Switzerland [19659007] This breathtaking scenery is available all year round and skydiving costs just under $ 500 per person. It's no surprise that rich people all chose this country to keep their money in the bank. The impressive mountains and the cold weather create a strict atmosphere. Switzerland always adds this touch of elegance and luxury to any experience. The scenery is wild and it warns people to take it seriously no matter what they want to do. You have the option to fly over the Swiss Alps, at the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau peaks. Lake Thun and Lake Brienz are also visible during skydiving.

  2. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
    Dubai has been an exceptionally rich area in recent years due to the great economic development. A visit there not only gives you access to a chic skydive experience, but also lets you admire the innovations of the Middle East. Here the natural landscape of the sea and the deserts is visible, as well as the human intervention with the high skyscrapers and eccentric buildings. The cost is a little over $ 500, and you can enjoy the sport year-round, especially October through March.

  3. Hawaii, United States
    Hawaii is actually an island that belongs to the United States, so you will have to take one flight to go there and of course another one to go skydiving! The unusual approach that people in the sports industry have taken in Hawaii is to use energy efficient airplanes, reducing the carbon footprint on the planet. They reduce their footprint by about 40% compared to the other planes, and skydiving there costs just $ 140 per person per flight, and you can go all year round.

  4. Namib Desert, Namibia
    For Africa we chose the Namib desert in Namibia. You can combine this experience with a first-class private camp in the desert for a night or two. All accommodation will be provided to you and you can go skydiving in the morning. It's the best time to take to the air for less than $ 200 per person from March to December. You fly from 10,000 feet and land in the desert. The whole experience is expected to be unique and highly recommended.

  5. Pattaya, Thailand
    This is an opportunity to combine the perfect vacation with the exotic taste of skydiving. We are sure that you are all familiar with Thailand and the treasures this enticing island has to offer to its visitors.

    The tourism industry is becoming hugely popular, targeting rich people. The relaxing massage, the tropical vegetation and the turquoise water are just some of the extras you will enjoy when you go to Thailand to skydive. Moreover, the view is unforgettable when you jump and fly over this enchanting landscape. An hour south of Bangkok, you can go for your hobby for around $ 300, and the best time to visit is November to February.

Written by Anna Siampani .