Unfortunately we consider big names being immaculate, extraordinary creatures who exist on a higher plane where they’re not influenced by the components a similar way we normals are.

It’s astonishing on the grounds that cameras exist. Being a well known individual incorporates being besieged by cameras at each minute, cameras prepared to get you off guard or your finger up your nose. Eventually, your not really best minute will be gotten on tape.

And after that it will be shared on the Internet. Directly here. In this rundown of VIP falls flat.

Adele Dazeem

John Travolta misspeaking Idina Menzel’s name as “Adele Dazeem” amid the Oscars communicate in 2014 will go down as one of the best celeb flops ever.

Watch it here, for the millionth time, yet don’t get too sucked in and rehash it on circle throughout the day. You can kick the bucket from wincing excessively.

Short Shorts

Who wears short shorts?

Elton John wears short shorts!

Funny Face

It’s not reasonable.

Clooney still looks so attractive, notwithstanding when he’s creation that face.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Evidently, her boa constrictor really wanted a few.

Furthermore, it needed more than buns, hun.

Very Niiiiice

In that thing, John Mayer, your body is no wonderland.

As in, there’s no pondering. It’s allllll out there.


Presently we know why Bono takes cover behind those glasses.

He’s still humiliated about this hair style!

The ’90s

This is the whole decade of the ’90s delineated in one photo.

At any rate this is the most humiliating pic of JT out there.

Sick Burn

What’s more, with this image, Kim Kardashian at last understood that her shades were too enormous for her face.


Notwithstanding when Queen Bey is gotten in an ungainly still casing, she’s as yet savage AF.

Nothing can stop her.

Cake Plant

Katy Perry didn’t reasonable so well after she tumbled into a goliath cake. Be that as it may, I additionally don’t know about any individual who could bounce into a goliath cake and after that get off smoothly. Perhaps Simone Biles. Perhaps.

Madonna Overboard

Powderpuff Girl

Clearly, this is the thing that happens when you don’t wash off the expert photograph shoot powder cosmetics before taking off to where the paps are snapping you with their enormous garish cameras.

Who knew? Angie beyond any doubt didn’t.


The ’90s were an extraordinary time for odd stances.

I adore Sarah Jessica Parker’s face in this one. It says, “Proceed. Ask me for what good reason I’m crouching this way. I’m as of now attempting to think about a great reason.”

Stop Laughing

Sandra Bullock won an Oscar.

On the whole, she postured for this image.


Leo battled a bear in The Revenant.

Above all, he subdued this panther print.

What’s more, held his hair up actually peculiarly.

Something Fishy…

Gosh, isn’t is so humiliating when you’re having a relaxed day, sitting on your jumping board nibbling on goldfish and the paparazzi keep an eye on you?

Madonna can relate.

See You In the Fall

This is one of those “agains.”

We thank you, Jennifer Lawrence, for thumping the enchantment atmosphere of superstar down a couple of scores.

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