We are all familiar with the cuteness of cats and know that they are good at disguise. Cats with the craziest fur We have seen them fake as a cinnamon roll through the pattern on the fur, but do you know that there are many cats that have their own pattern? And some of them are very hilarious to look at.

# 1 This cat has its nose in the shape of a heart.

# 2 Carrying a sword on his back.

[19659002] # 3 This cat's name is Sirius, it doesn't even look serious.

# 4 Wear a heart on his fur.

# 5 Descendent of Batman.

# 6 Adolf Hitler in disguise.

# 7 This cat has three colors on her face.

# 8 Cat carries another cat.

# 9 Another Cat.

# 10 Cat wears cat ears.

# 11 Cat with eyebrows. [19659002]

# 12 This white ball has a hat on her head.

# 13 In case no one notices that this is a cat, she has written CAT on her. [19659002]

# 14 With a cat on her forehead, this girl must be the royalty.

# 15 This cat has a squirrel on her.

# 16 White mustache cat.

# 17 Babadook?

[19659002] # 18 This cat looks so cool with that coat style and attitude.

# 19 Batman, is that your descendant?

# 20 Queen of Spades. [19659002]