Ah Fei was a street cat. After the rescue, he is adopted by Tang Chang, a nice Chinese, who named this cat (Ah Fei) and brings Ah Fei to a happy life.

Ah Fei is very sweet, lazy and extremely foodaholic. Moreover, he also falls in love with a stick waving in his face. Every time he sees the stick, you can see his face act like this:

If you didn't know better, you would assume that this cat was so poor that he could spend a lot of pressure or disappointment. But it doesn't really seem that way. It looks like he doesn't care about the world except stick and food. Thanks to his facial reaction, cyber people have many nice memes.

Although he sometimes seems a bit grumpy, we are pretty sure that he is perfectly satisfied with his new life together with a loving owner and a comfortable place to call home.