Welcome to The Topiary Cat, a creation from Richard Saunders, a surrealist artist from Hertfordshire, England. His breathtaking pictures were taken after he took a picture of a beautiful garden scene, and he realized that a bush looked like his beloved Russian-blue cat, Tolly asleep.

"It reminded me of an animal sleeping, and I thought of myself & # 39; you could very easily turn that into a cat & # 39;" Saunders recalled.

For this reason, Saunders came up with an idea to make something special with the photo. He decided to take some photos of Tolly in a sleeping position and to place them over the original scene. Each photo combines Tolly with a stunning landscape that is then edited to make it look like a giant cat-style topiary.

After completing the first image, he shared it on social media. It has taken the internet by storm and has become a hit on the global web.

Given the positive response, Saunders decided to continue making giant topiary cat images. Now the images he makes to replace real shrubs with his beloved cat have reached millions of people around the world.

Unfortunately, Tolly has crossed the rainbow, but like every image of the Topiary Cat is inspired by him, he will certainly live on.

Mr. Saunders said: "I will only do topiary variations of Tolly, because it is my tribute to his memory, despite the fact that many people asked me to do versions of their own pets."

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