There is a kind of sleep that is only mentioned for cats who like a good nap: the litter box. They also love to cuddle, so that some people think it's a good idea to help some cat care: take a good nap with them.

Terry Lauerman is a 75-year-old man who lives in Wisconsin; he visits his local cat shelter at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary regularly for catnaps. The staff there said that one day he came to wave with a brush and asked if he could care for the cats. The founder of the shelter Elizabeth Feldhausen said: "He just came in and started brushing. So in the end we told him that he was an official volunteer and that he had filled in the volunteer form."

Terry started visiting it daily asylum, about 3 hours a day. First he will brush the cats and then he will join them. The experience is mutually beneficial and has far-reaching consequences for the reception. After they decided to dedicate a Facebook message to the beautiful work of Terry, things quickly went viral. The resulting publicity has seen donations pour in, making money available for the asylum to continue their important work.

Elizabeth happily said in an interview: "Our donations have increased. Normally we would earn between $ 3,000- $ 4,000 a month. This week we reached $ 30,000. This is great because we only rely on donation."

Now let's look at Terry & # 39; s precious work.

19659002] The adorable photos didn't take long to win the heart of the internet.

More photos at the shelter where Terry passes.

The internet totally loves this cute story.