How many of us have the courage to say no to those cute eyes and fluffy fur balls when they ask for a piece of our food? This college in California, which has an orange fat cat, has the same problem. The cat's name is Cheeto and he lives in their Physics Building.

Just like people love Cheeto and his cuteness, they just can't stop giving him food. Recognizing that Cheeto already has too much food, the students made a funny graph to prevent people from helping him weigh more.

This is Cheeto …

It was written on the school's Facebook page that "Cheeto, the ginger cat hanging around the physics building, increasingly resembles a cheese cloud. Give please do not eat him. He is overweight and squirrels eat the extra food, "The students even count the number of Cheeto & # 39; s dead – ten rats, sixteen mice, seven gophers, nine blue jays, three rabbits and eight squirrels .

They have also prepared a detailed report to clarify that all of this benefits Cheeto's health. And they think Cheeto has become a … cheese puff pastry.

And people on the internet are very much like this cute story.