In a veterinary clinic in Perm, Russia, there is a cat named Lucifer, and Lucifer probably forgets how to walk now. Lucifer's new owners found him when he had a problem with his legs. It is thought that Lucifer's backbone had been damaged since the poor cat pinched his legs through the door.

However, the bad days were over and Lucifer is now with a happy family, he even has a job as a nurse at the animal clinic where he lives. At that time, Lucifer can support other animals and help them feel better, strengthen their will to stay alive. Maybe Lucifer understands the physical pain and the struggles, Lucifer often cuddles patients to stay warm.

Although Lucifer still has problems walking around, but the strong cat tries his best to make other people and animals in the clinic feel comfortable with his presence.

Story about Lucifer's fun behavior really reminds us to be friendly to others more often, because it costs nothing to be nice to someone, so be it that way.

Meet Lucifer, the nicest cat you are & # 39; what I have heard of.

Lucifer always makes sure that other people in the clinic where he lives feel at ease with his presence.

19659002] Lucifer also helps other patient animals in the clinic to feel better and saves their lives.

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