Cats never make us laugh, it's their cleverness or just the way they are idiotic cats. They spend a lot of time snoozing and lounging, but you never know when they will do something nice, funny, crazy or maybe just a little bit of harm.

If you were on our last post about Cat Funny Moments On Tumblr and enjoy it, you'll love this new update. (If you weren't, click here)

# 1 Collecting the devils.

# 2 "What are you doing tonight?"

# 3 cat face like "Okay, so I'm 3 hours before this?"

# 4 "Hmm that man saw me that I was caught!"

# 5 This cat still looks pretty dope.

# 6 What a happy family.

# 7 "Do you want to play human?"

# 8 "My country needs me."

# 9 "You shouldn't hurt her again." [194565]

# 10 Soulmate.

] # 11 His grandparents still have a cousin.

# 12 I have been shaken.

# 13 Watching the cats playing with their toys is sometimes very funny. [19659002]

# 14 It's just how he expresses his love.

# 15 Has your heart melted? [19659002]

# 16 Motivation to believe in love again.

# 17 Do they have a party?

# 18 "You just gotta love each other! I!" # 20 "My hooman, I need some attention." [1945923]]